English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 19th March ( Idioms and Phrases)

Updated Fri, 19 Mar 2021 11:26 AM IST

Direction(1-10): In questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom/ phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom 

Que-1 Take exception

Option 1:  appreciate

Option 2: object to

Option 3:  care for

Option 4:  deny

Que-2: Breath of fresh air


Option 1:  a peaceful and relaxing place

Option 2:  someone with a pleasant voice

Option 3:  someone with a pleasant nature 

Option 4:  someone or something new and refreshing

Que-3:  A fair weather friend

Option 1:  . an unreliable friend

Option 2:  a dependable friend

Option 3:  a jealous friend

Option 4:  a selfish friend

Que4:Due to unchecked inflation, the poor are living a dog’s life.

Option 1:  to do something which causes you harm

Option 2:  deceitful actions

Option 3:  very miserable life

Option 4:  extremely severe law

Que5: Over one’s head

Option 1:   something totally unexpected

Option 2:  being at a disadvantage

Option 3:  unable to function as before

Option 4:  beyond one’s capability to understand something

Que6: One track mind

Option 1:  thinking of another point of view

Option 2:  using a well-known path

Option 3:  always thinking of only one thing

Option 4: . waiting anxiously for something

Que7: On the spur of the moment

Option 1:  deciding after a lot of thinking

Option 2:  acting impulsively without thinking

Option 3:  . waiting nervously for something

Option 4:  being extremely careful

Que8: Rose-coloured glasses


Option 1:  a positive outlook on life

Option 2:  a difficult situation

Option 3:  an outdated attitude

Option 4:  a belief not based on facts

Que9: The army is bidding defiance by going against the government.

Option 1:  to break silence by speaking first

Option 2:  to praise one’s ownself

Option 3:  gradually

Option 4:  to defy

Que10: Usually some or other leader of the BJP shows cloven hoof to the BJP leadership.

Option 1:  symbol of disgrace or evil intention

Option 2:  a difficult situation

Option 3:  to be kept waiting

Option 4:  to occur to oneself

 Ans 1: 
object to

Ans 2: a peaceful and relaxing place

Ans 3: a selfish friend

Ans4: very miserable life 

Ans 5:  beyond one’s capability to understand something

Ans6 :  always thinking of only one thing

Ans 7:  acting impulsively without thinking

Ans8:  a positive outlook on life

Ans 9: bidding defiance- to defy

Ans 10: -  symbol of disgrace or evil intention


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