English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 1st april ( Idioms and phrases)

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Direction(1-10): In the following questions an idiomatic phrase is given followed by four alternatives. Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the expression

1)  A gala day

Option 1:  a day of success

Option 2:  a day of merry making

Option 3:  an eventful day

Option 4:  a day of significance 

2) Go abegging

Option 1:  go for begging 

Option 2:  beg for going 

Option 3:  request for something

Option 4:  go in vain

3) Dance attendace upon 

Option 1:  to flatter 

Option 2:  to dance with a partner 

Option 3:  to attend upon

Option 4:  dance with friends 

4) Between the devil and the sea

Option 1:  in a fix

Option 2:  a devil in the sea 

Option 3:  in a worse situation

Option 4:  a compromising situation

5) Devil's advocate 

Option 1:  an advocate of a devil 

Option 2:  an advocate like a devil 

Option 3:  disscussion of an advocate 

Option 4:  one who is against religion

6) Turn out crabs 

Option 1:  end in failure 

Option 2:  to be successful 

Option 3:  to bring up crabs 

Option 4:  to be victorious

7) Make no bones about 

Option 1:  to make no effort 

Option 2:  to admit something readily 

Option 3:  to make a fuss about 

Option 4:  to create no hindrance

8) Get cold feet

Option 1:  to run for life 

Option 2:  to get cold

Option 3:  to be afraid

Option 4:  to become discourteous

9)  Hard boiled

Option 1:  boiled hard

Option 2:  extremely hot

Option 3:  hardened

Option 4:  hardly boiled

10) Hang together 

Option 1:  confirm each other 

Option 2:  live together

Option 3:  hang with each other

Option 4:  go together 


Ans 1-  
a day of merry making

Explanation: A day of merry making 

Ans 2-go in vain

Explanation: go in vain

Ans 3-   to flatter 

Ans 4- in a fix

Ans 5-  
one who is against religion 

Ans 6- end in failure 

Ans 7- to admit something readily 

Explanation: to admit something readily 

Ans 8:   to be afraid

Explanation: to be afraid-feeling fear or anxiety; frightened.

discourteous- showing rudeness and a lack of consideration for other people.

eg: "it would be unkind and discourteous to decline a visit"

Ans 9-   hardened

Explanation: hardened- very experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects.

Ans 10-  confirm each other 

Explanation: confirm each other 


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