English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 20th April ( Idioms and Phrases)

Updated Tue, 20 Apr 2021 10:01 PM IST

Direction(1-10): Select the correct meaning of the given bold idioms:

Question 1: He left the town under a cloud 

Option 1:  of his own accord 

Option 2:  in disgrace 

Option 3:  with a heavy heart

Option 4:  when it was raining

Question 2: They got on well  with each other the moment they met 

Option 1:  had an agreement 

Option 2:  had a misunderstanding 

Option 3:  had a friendly relationship 

Option 4:  fell in love

Question 3: If you want to be happy , cut your coat according to your cloth 

Option 1:  be honest in your dealings 

Option 2:  work according to your capacity 

Option 3:  live within your means 

Option 4:  don' t be too ambitious 

Question 4: I am looking forward to her arrival

Option 1:  afraid of 

Option 2:  expecting with pleasure 

Option 3:  expecting

Option 4:  confident of 

Question 5: She tried to slip off but was caught immediately

Option 1:  steal quietly

Option 2:  go quickly

Option 3:  leave quietly

Option 4: slide quickly 

Question 6: The young boy's  act put his father in a pickel 

Option 1:  in a funny position 

Option 2:  in a serious position 

Option 3:  in  a sad situation

Option 4:  in an embarrassing or  awkward situation

Question 7: Some people have the habit of working by fits and starts

Option 1:  very seriously

Option 2:  excitedly

Option 3:  consistently

Option 4: irregularly

Question 8: The young servant goes about with the old master

Option 1:  moves around 

Option 2:  goes around 

Option 3:  tries to know more about 

Option 4:  adjusts well

Question 9: After getting a severe scolding from  his mother , Rahul got down to business

Option 1:  started a business 

Option 2:  become a business like 

Option 3:  began to work seriously 

Option 4:  joined his father's business

Question 10: The mother was right in giving a piece of her mind to the daughter 

Option 1:  speaking kindly 

Option 2:  speaking cheerfully

Option 3:  speaking sadly 

Option 4:  speaking sharply

Answers : 

in disgrace 

Explanation: in disgrace 


Ans2: had a friendly relationship 

Explanation: had a friendly relationship 

Ans3: live within your means 

Explanation: l ive within your means 

Ans4:    expecting with pleasure 

Ans 5:   leave quietly

Explanation: leave quietly

Ans 6:   in an embarrassing or  awkward situation
Explanation:in an embarrassing or  awkward situation

Ans 7  irregularly

Explanation: irregularly

Ans 8:   adjusts well

Explanation:adjusts well

Ans 9; began to work seriously 

Ans 10:   speaking sharply

Explanation: speaking sharply


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