English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 20th March ( Mix Practice Questions)

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Direction(1-4) In the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentences.

 Compulsory enlistment for military or other services.

Option 1:  Conscription

Option 2:  Cripple

Option 3:  Denizen

Option 4:   Diatribe 

Que-2 The passage of soul after death from one body to the other

Option 1:  traitor

Option 2:  transmogrification 

Option 3:  transmigration

Option 4:  turncoat

Que-3: The place for luggage at a railway station.

Option 1:  Cloakroom

Option 2:  Cognate 

Option 3:  Coerce 

Option 4:  Depraved

Que4:  A series of cabre dance/ acts at a night club.

Option 1:  Cabaret

Option 2:  Bohemian 

Option 3:  Antidote

Option 4:  Biped 

Que 5: The enemy has reevied many(a)/ informations regarding the activities of(b)/  the army of our neighbouring country(c)/ no error (d)/

Option 1:  (a)

Option 2:  (b)

Option 3:  (c)

Option 4:  (d)

Que6: Cattels are not(a)/ allowed to (b)/ enter this ground(c)/ no error

Option 1:  (a)

Option 2:  (b)

Option 3:  (c)

Option 4:  (d)

Que-7: Your parents may get__________ with your lifestyle and demand a change in it.

Option 1:  pleased 

Option 2:  annoyed

Option 3:  fulfilled

Option 4:  satisfied

Que8:  you can master anything by the usual process of learning and practicing it____________.

Option 1:  regularly

Option 2:  occasionally

Option 3:  temporarily

Option 4:  annually

Select the correct synonym of the given word(9-10)

Que-9 Elucidate

Option 1:  explain

Option 2:  engross

Option 3:  effigy

Option 4:  emanate

Que 10: Probity


Option 1:  progeny

Option 2:  honesty

Option 3:  propensity

Option 4:  plethora


 Ans -1:  Conscription

Explanation: Conscription is the correct answer.

Cripple -  Someone who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or disability to the legs or back.

Denizen- A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place.

Diatribe - Bitter and violent attack in words or writing.

Ans2:  transmigration

Explanation: traitor- one who betrays one's country

transmogrification- complete change in appearance or character(especially in a magical or surprising way)

turncoat- disloyal 
 Ans 3: :  Cloakroom

Explanation: Cloakroom is the correct answer. 

Cognate - Having the same source or origin.

Depraved - Morally bad or evil.

Coerce - Compel to a course of action.
Ans 4:  Cabaret

Explanation: Correct answer is Cabaret.

Bohemian - . One who does not follow the usual norms of social life.

Antidote - A medicine to cure the effect of poison.

Biped - Animal with two-feet.

Ans 5:  (b)

Explanation: use many pieces of information in place of informations  because uncountable noun are used in the singular form only.These nouns may be used to denote singularity when some additional words used with these noun like--a word of advice ,a piece of work

Ans 6:   (a)

Explanation: use cattel in place of cattels because there are some of the  collective nouns which are used with plural verbs for eg--cattle, gentry,peasantry,poultry,clergy,people,majority,folk

Ans 7:  annoyed

Explanation: annoyed - feeling angry

Ans 8: Regularly 

Ans 9:   

Explanation: engross- fully absorbed


emanate- issue from

ex-this letter emanated from the central office

Ans 10: honesty

Explanation: progeny-children

propensity-natural inclination




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