English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 24th March (Idioms and Phrases)

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Directions(1-10): In the following sentences, select the correct meaning of the given idioms which is in bold segment

Question 1: 
Due to unchecked inflation, the poor are living a dog’s life.

Option 1:  to do something which causes you harm

Option 2:  deceitful actions

Option 3:  very miserable life

Option 4:  extremely severe law

Question 2: Come to the point. Don’t draw a long bow.

Option 1:  to waste one’s energy

Option 2:  to face opposition

Option 3:  to tell large stories or to exaggerate

Option 4:  nectar of life

Question 3: I have kept some money in the bank for the rainy days.

Option 1:   precaution for emergency

Option 2:  to express one’s thoughts or feelings

Option 3:  to progress/ advance

Option 4:  to overcome

Question 4: News of his cold blooded murder is very much in the air.

Option 1:  from thirteen to nineteen years of age

Option 2:  in circulation/ in people’s thoughts

Option 3:  to be in favour with a person,

Option 4:  to take advantage of the problems of others

Question 5: We must keep ourselves abreast of the latest development in technology

Option 1:  in a moment/in no time

Option 2:  to keep going on actively

Option 3:  To keep someone at a distance

Option 4:  not to fall behind

Question 6: Our neighbours laughed in their sleeves when they saw my grand father wearing a pair of fashionable googles.

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Option 1:  to laugh secretly

Option 2:  to make all possible efforts

Option 3:  to be defeated

Option 4:  to pursue or chase

Question 7:The doctor could not make the head or tail of his illness.

Option 1:  to understand

Option 2:  at every place

Option 3:  to be prepared for compromise

Option 4:  to face a difficult situation between two problems

Question 8: In my board examination I put my pen to paper without wasting a second.

Option 1:   to start writing

Option 2:  to be prepared for hard work

Option 3:  not proving sufficient, shortage of money/ something

Option 4:  a small unintentional mistake in writin

Question 9: The new manager thought that he would give employees enough rope for the first six months after which he would check the work done himself

Option 1:  many directives and order

Option 2:  sufficient advice 

Option 3:  all the material they needed

Option 4:  enough freedom for action

Question 10: He was all at see when he began his new job

Option 1:  happy

Option 2:  sad

Option 3:  puzzled

Option 4:  triumphant

Ans 1: 
very miserable life

Explanation: dog’s life- very miserable life

Ans 2:   to tell large stories or to exaggerate

Explanation: draw a long bow- to tell large stories or to exaggerate

Ans 3: precaution for emergency

Explanation: for the rainy days - precaution for emergency

Ans 4:  in circulation/ in people’s thoughts

Explanation: in the air-  in circulation/ in people’s thoughts

Ans 5:  not to fall behind

Explanation: keep ourselves abreast of-  not to fall behind

Ans 6:  to laugh secretly

Explanation: Laugh in one’s sleeves - to laugh secretly

Ans 7:   to understand

Explanation: make the head or tail  - to understand,

Ans 8: to start writing

Explanation: pen to paper- to start writing

Ans 9:  enough freedom for action

Ans 10: Puzzled 


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