English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 27th March ( Idioms and Phrases)

Updated Sat, 27 Mar 2021 12:42 PM IST

Direction(1-10): Select the correct meaning of the give idioms

Please to take a stock of  when sign the document 

Option 1:  to save a large quantity of a stock

Option 2:  to go to a stock-room and survey it

Option 3:  to collect complete documents

Option 4:  To assess and evalute before taking a decision

2) Pull yourself together 

Option 1:  go to sleep

Option 2:  calm down

Option 3:  try to understand

Option 4:  do a good job

3) Gate crasher

Option 1:  invader

Option 2:  thief 

Option 3:  uninvited guest

Option 4:  children

4) I don't  think the law will interfere with us as we are just trying to turn an honest penny

Option 1:  make a legitimate living

Option 2:  make a good living

Option 3:  have dealing in white money

Option 4:  become more honest

5) The watchdog were asleep when the bulls ran riot

Option 1:  behave cleverly

Option 2:  acted without restraint

Option 3:  wandered aimlessly

Option 4:  had the best of time

6) Mohit has a very nice manner, but you would better take what he says with a grain of salt

Option 1:  to talk sensibly

Option 2:  to listen to something with considrable doubt

Option 3:  to criticise 

Option 4:  to compliment

7)  Rahul was given Habson's choice by the employer

Option 1:  excellent choice

Option 2:  no real chooce at all

Option 3:  choice to live or die

Option 4:  first choice

8) The king had been made to eat humble pie

Option 1: to eat slowly

Option 2:  to have an excellent dish

Option 3: to eat a good pie

Option 4:  to have to apologise

9) I don'n know why she has become stand-offish recently

Option 1:  angry

Option 2:  hilarious

Option 3:  indifferent

Option 4:  unmanageable

10) Priyanka went on sowing wild oats; she reaped suffering in his later life

Option 1:  inviting trouble as a girl

Option 2:  warning others as a young woman 

Option 3:  sowing grains called oats when young

Option 4:  Engage in a period of  irresponsible behaviour while young,


Ans-1) To assess and evalute before taking a decision

Ans 2)   calm down

Ans 3)  uninvited guest

Ans4) make a legitimate living

Explanation: legitimate- according the law

Ans 5)  acted without restraint

Explanation: restraint means- (noun) the act of controlling by restraining someone or something

Ans 6)  to listen to something with considrable doubt

Ans 7)   no real choice at all

Ans 8) to have to apologise

Ans 9)   indifferent

Ans 10) Engage in a period of  irresponsible behaviour while young,


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