English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 29th April (One Word Substitution)

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Direction(1-10):out of the four alternative , choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentences: 

Question 1: Belief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunitiy

Option 1:  Emigrant

Option 2:  Egalitarianism .

Option 3:  Emissary.

Option 4:  Emeritus

Question 2: Statement that is obviously true and hence dull or not stimulating

Option 1:  Plagiarism

Option 2:  Platitude

Option 3:  Plutocracy

Option 4:  Polyandry.

Question 3: One who witnesses secretly to private

Option 1:  Emeritus

Option 2:  Eavesdropper

Option 3:  Emissary

Option 4:   Epicure

Question4:  Lacking basic necessities of life

Option 1:  Dexterous

Option 2:  Destitution

Option 3:  Diatribe

Option 4:  deprecate

Question 5: The period of gradual recovery of health after illness.

Option 1:  cosmpolitan

Option 2: . Convalescence

Option 3:  contrite

Option 4:  credulous

Question 6: Having the same source or origin

Option 1:  collusion

Option 2:  Cognate

Option 3:  conflagration

Option 4:  congregation

Question 7: Rising in arms against an established government

Option 1:  intercede

Option 2:  Insurrection .

Option 3:  inimitable

Option 4:  insecticide

Question 8: Concluding part of a speech.

Option 1:  perceptible

Option 2:  peroration

Option 3:   Peninsula

Option 4:  Pedestrian

Question 9 A shopkeeper selling cloth and clothing.

Option 1:  Dynasty 

Option 2:  Draper

Option 3:  draw

Option 4:  effeminate

Question10: Difference between two things that should be the same

Option 1:   Diplomacy

Option 2:   Discrepancy 

Option 3:  Dissimulate

Option 4:  Diurnal 

 Ans 1:   
Egalitarianism .

Explanation: Emeritus ............One who is honourably discharged from service.

Emigrant ........................... A person who goes to another country to live

Emissary.............. A person sent on a mission (usually official). 

Ans 2: Platitude

Explanation: Plagiarism ............

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Source: English Quiz

The practice of borrowing words and ideas from other authors and using them as one’s own; literary thef

 Plutocracy .................. A government by a rich and powerful class.

 Polyandry................................ The custom of having more than two husbands at the same time.

Ans 3:  Eavesdropper

Explanation: Emeritus - One who is honourably discharged from service.

Emissary - A person sent on a mission (usually official).

 Epicure- Person fond of delicious food

Ans 4:  Destitution

Explanation: Dexterous .- Skilful at handling things.

Diatribe-  Bitter and violent attack in words or writing.

Deprecate- Express earnest disapproval of

Ans 5:  Convalescence

Explanation: Contrite-. Showing deep sorrow for wrong doing.

Cosmopolitan- A person who regards the whole world as his country

 Credulous -. One who is simple and easily believes whatever is told

Ans 6: Cognate

Explanation: Collusion - Secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose

Conflagration-  Huge destructive

 Congregation .-Gathering of worshipper

Ans 7:   Insurrection .

Explanation: Intercede--Plead to obtain a favour to save someone else

 Inimitable -  Incapable of being imitated.

 Insecticide - A substance that kills insects.

Ans 8:   peroration

Explanation: Perceptible--That can be perceived by the sense

Pedestrian - One who walks on foot

Peninsula..-  Area of land almost surrounded by sea

Ans 9: Draper

Explanation:  Draw-. The result of the match where neither party wins.

Dynasty-... Succession of rulers belonging to one family

 Effeminate -- A man who is womanish in his habit

Ans 10:  Discrepancy 

Explanation: Discrepancy .- . Difference between two things that should be the same

 Diplomacy-  The skill and policy of a country’s statesmen and politicians/ skill in dealing with people

Dissimulate- To hide or disguise.

Diurnal-. Of the daytime.


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