English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 2nd April ( Sentence Improvement)

Updated Fri, 02 Apr 2021 11:59 AM IST

Direction(1-10) : In the following questions you will find sentences , part of which are bold. choose the expression which is an improvement upon the bold part. If none of the three expressions improve the sentence, then your answer is (d)

Question 1:The floor of the hall was covered by a carpet

Option 1:  covered in

Option 2:  covered with

Option 3:  covered upon

Option 4:  no improvement 

Question 2: If you come across my umbrella anywhere , bring it to me , can you?

Option 1:  isn't it 

Option 2:  don't you 

Option 3:  will you

Option 4:  no improvement

Question 3: The teacher gave the students some advice 

Option 1:  advices

Option 2:  advise

Option 3:  advises

Option 4:  no improvement

Question  4: You should avoid to make such trivial mistakes 

Option 1:  avoid making 

Option 2:  avoid to have made 

Option 3:  avoid make 

Option 4:  no improvement

Question 5: What struck one most was their kindness

Option 1: what stroke one most 

Option 2:  what struck one more

Option 3:  what stroke one more 

Option 4:  no improvement

Question 6: The boy told his teacher to explain the passage 

Option 1:  asked his teacher 

Option 2:  said to his teacher 

Option 3:  invited his teacher 

Option 4:  no improvement 

Question 7: A highly improved variety of seeds is  availabe to the farmer these day 

Option 1:  are

Option 2:  will be 

Option 3:  has been 

Option 4:  no improvement

Question 8:We should be bound by a code of conduct , isn't it ? 

Option 1:  shouldn't we 

Option 2:  is it 

Option 3:  aren't we 

Option 4:  no improvement

Question 9: When it was dark they decided to put at an inn.

Option 1:  put off with 

Option 2:  put up at

Option 3:  put out in

Option 4:  no improvement 

Question 10: I am tired as i am working since 7 O'clock in the morning

Option 1:  i was working 

Option 2:  i had been working

Option 3:  i have been working 

Option 4:  no improvement 

Answers :
 Ans 1: 
covered with

Explanation: use 'covered with' in place of 'covered by' 

covered by- put something on top of or in front of (something), especially in order to protect or conceal it.

covered in- complete a roof over.

Ans 2:  will you

Explanation: use 'will you', in place of 'can you' ,

Ans 3:  no improvement

Explanation: no improvement 

advise(verb) but here we need advice(noun) 

Ans 4:  avoid making 

Explanation: we use gerund( v1+ing) , after avoid not infinitive(to+v1) 

Ans 5:  no improvement

Explanation: no improvement 

Ans 6:   asked his teacher 

Explanation: According to the sense of the sentence use 'asked his teacher' in place of 'told his teacher'

Ans 7: no improvement

Explanation: No improvement

Ans 8:  shouldn't we 

Explanation: Use 'shouldn't we' in place of  'isn't it' 

Ans 9:  put up at

Explanation: use 'put up at' in place of 'put at' , according to the sense of the sentence 'put up at' correct 

put off-to delay or move an activity to a later time

put out- extinguish something that is burning.

Ans 10:   I  have been working 

Explanation:  This is the present perfect continuous tense , time of expression is given in the sentence so,we should  use 'i have been working' in place of 'i am working'


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