English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 30th April (Antonyms)

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Directions(1-10): Select the correct antonym of the given words: 

Question 1: Evanescent


Option 1:   Clean

Option 2:  Tight

Option 3:  Eternal

Option 4:  cheap

Question2: Comaraderies


Option 1:  Curiosity

Option 2:  Ferocity

Option 3:  Impetuosity

Option 4:  Animosity

Question 3: Valiant

Option 1:  brave 

Option 2:  coward

Option 3:  chivalrous

Option 4:  gallant

Question 4: Ire

Option 1:  bitterness

Option 2:  wrath

Option 3:  content

Option 4:  resentment

Question 5:  Ostracise

Option 1:  Amuse 

Option 2:  Welcome

Option 3:   Entertain

Option 4:  host

Question 6: Perspicuity

Option 1:  transparency

Option 2:  lucidity

Option 3:  vagueness

Option 4:  intelligiblity

Question7:  Sanguine temper


Option 1:   Despairing nature

Option 2:  peaceful temprament

Option 3:  Rude behaviour 

Option 4:  Selfish nature

Question 8: Unjust


Option 1:  Serious

Option 2:  Self-centred 

Option 3:  Fair-minded 

Option 4:  Considerable

Question 9: In toto


Option 1:  Bluntly 

Option 2:  partially

Option 3:  entirely

Option 4:  strongly

Question 10: Shallow


Option 1:  high

Option 2:  long

Option 3:  wide 

Option 4:  deep


Ans:1   Eternal

Explanation:Evanescent-soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing

Ans2:    Animosity

Explanation:  Curiosity -A curiosity is something that is unusual, interesting, and fairly rare

Ferocity : The ferocity of something is its fierce or violent nature. 

 Impetuosity- marked by force and violence of movement or action an impetuous wind.

Animosity -: a strong feeling of dislike or hatred : ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility : an antagonistic attitude.

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Ans 3:  coward

Explanation: valiant-possessing or showing courage or determination.

chivalrous-A chivalrous man is polite, honest, fair, and kind towards women


Ans4:  content

Explanation: Ire-Ire is anger

Content is also the things represented or suggested in something written or created as art, or the ideas it communicates. 

Resentment is bitterness and anger that someone feels about something.

Ans 5: Welcome

Explanation: amuse-cause (someone) to find something funn

hosta a person who receives or entertains other people as guests.

Ans 6:   vagueness

Explanation: vagueness- the quality of not being clear in shape, or of not being clearly seen

lucidity-clarity of expression; intelligibility.

Ans 7:   Despairing nature

Ans 8:  Self-centred 

Ans 9: :  partially

Explanation: bluntly is something said or done in a direct and truthful manner without trying to select words that are nice to hear.

Ans 10: deep


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