English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 7th April ( Idioms and Phrases)

Updated Wed, 07 Apr 2021 02:19 PM IST
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direction(1-10) : Select the correct meaning of the given Idiom

Question 1: A walk of life 

Option 1:  an easy comfortable life not necessarily properous

Option 2:  the most important day of ypur life 

Option 3:  a person's occupation or position within society

Option 4:  walking is the best form of excercise 

Question 2: Make a scene 

Option 1:  to perform beautifully in front of an audience

Option 2:  make a public disturbance or excited emotional display

Option 3:  to narrate an elaborate false story

Option 4:  describe a scene in so much detail that it comes vivid

Question 3: Be in force 

Option 1:  To enjoy a short period of fame or powers 

Option 2:  in great strength or numbers

Option 3:  a hateful act done in a haste 

Option 4:  be the current winner 

Question 4: cut to the chase 

Option 1:  come to the point

Option 2:  o run after somebody

Option 3:  to cut out the important bits of infomation

Option 4:  to take a shortcut 

Question 5: head over heels 

Option 1:  to do things exactly opposite of what is expected 

Option 2:  madly in love 

Option 3:  to unknowingly dive into an unpleasant situation

Option 4:  to do stupid things

Question6: At large

Option 1:  A very big opportunity

Option 2:  a criminal escaped or not yet captured

Option 3:  to have a big heart

Option 4:  a big appetite

Question 7: At somebody's expense

Option 1:  paid for by someone

Option 2:  to blame a crime on someone else 

Option 3:  the unlucky person who lose a race 

Option 4:  if one person benefits it is always at the loss of another 

Question 8: Cock and bull story

Option 1:  an implausible story used as an explaination or excuse 

Option 2:  a fairy tale told down generations 

Option 3:  a story of animals with hidden morals

Option 4:  the meek can defeat the bully by being clever 

Question 9: Pull the wool over someone's eyes



Option 1: to protect someone

Option 2:  to keep oneself warm

Option 3:  deceive someone by telling lies

Option 4:  to pretend to be blind to the other person's bad behaviour

Question 10: After one's own heart

Option 1:  sharing or having one's tastes or views 
Option 2:  infatuation with a person which is not reciprocated 

Option 3:  memorise something by heart

Option 4:  don't have the courage to do something bad for a good person


Ans 1:   
a person's occupation or position within society

Ans 2: make a public disturbance or excited emotional display

Ans 3: in great strength or numbers

Ans4: come to the point

Ans 5:  madly in love 

Ans 6:  a criminal escaped or not yet captured

Ans 7: paid for by someone

Ans 8: an implausible story used as an explaination or excuse 

Ans 9:   deceive someone by telling lies

Ans 10:  sharing or having one's tastes or views 



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