English Language Quiz (One Word Substitution)- 14-February -2022

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Directions (1-10) : In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentence.

1. When something moves in a straight line
(a) quadrilineal
(b) octalineal
(c) rectilineal
(d) trapilineal

2. Tending to associate with others of one’s kind
(a) grassivorous
(b) gregarian
(c) gregarious
(d) graminivorous

3. General pardon for offences against the state
(a) sanctify
(b) amnesty
(c) gratuity
(d) red-tapism

4. A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm.
(a) moderate
(b) conservative
(c) fanatic
(d) fan


Source: English Quiz

Wide, uninterrupted view
(a) window view
(b) panorama
(c) macroscopic
(d) eagle view

6. An instrument for measuring pressure of gases
(a) barometer
(b) anemometer
(c) micrometer
(d) manometer

7. That cannot be expressed in words
(a) indelible
(b) ineffable
(c) ingrate
(d) inexorable


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A mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent inside buildings, especially in residential settings.
(a) potpourri
(b) perfume
(c) scent
(d) aroma

9. Placing different things in order to create an interesting effect
(a) sit for a portrait
(b) render precisely
(c) juxtapose
(d) framing

10. Study of cultures
(a) eremology
(b) etymology
(c) ethology
(d) ethnology


1. (c)  rectilineal/rectilinear (Adj.) : in a straight line

2. (c) gregarious (Adj.) : sociable; friendly ; living in groups
gregarian (Adj.) : having no special distinction, rank, or status, or belonging to a large mass of people
graminivorous (Adj.) : feeding on grass (animals)

3. (b) amnesty (N.) : the formal act of liberating someone
sanctity (N.) : the state of being very important and worth protecting
gratuity (N.) : money that is given to employees when they leave their job
red-tapism (N.) : the practice of requiring excessive paper work and tedious procedures before official action can be considered or completed

4. (c)fanatic (N.) : a person who is extremely enthusiastic about something
moderate (N.) : a person who has opinions, especially about politcs, that are not extreme
conservative (N.) : a person who is opposed to great/sudden social change
fan (N.) : a person who admires somebody/something or enjoys watching/listening to somebody/ something very much

5. (b)panorama (N.) : a view of a wide area of land

6. (d)  manometer (N.) : an instrument used for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases
barometer (N.) : an instrument for measuring air pressure to show when the weather will change
anemometer (N.) : a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind
micrometer (N.) : a device used for measuring very small distances/spaces, using a screw with a very fine thread

7. (b)  ineffable (Adj.) : too great/ beautiful to describe in words 
indelible (Adj.) : that cannot be removed/erased
ingrate (Adj.) : ungrateful
inexorable (Adj.) : that cannot be stopped/changed; retentless

8. (a)potpourri (N.) : a mixture of dried flowers and leaves used for making a room smell
aroma (N.) : a pleasant, noticeable smell

9. (c)  juxtapose (V.) : place side by side

10. (d)  ethnology (N.) : the scientific study and comparison of human races
eremology (N.) : the systematic study of desert features and phenomena
etymology (N.) : the study of the origin and history of words and their meanings
ethology (N.) : the branch of zoology that studies the behaviour of animals in their natural habitats

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