Daily English Quiz-31 January 2022

Safalta Experts Published by: Annu Chaudhary Updated Mon, 31 Jan 2022 11:50 PM IST

English Quiz (Synonyms) 

Directions (1-10) : In the following questions out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word

(A) relatives
(B) companions
(C) calculations
(D) equipment

(A) freedom
(B) truth
(C) wisdom
(D) loyalty

(A) continuously
(B) inevitably
(C) regularly
(D) indiscreetly

(A) clapped
(B) proclaimed
(C) protested
(D) rewarded


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Source: English Quiz

(A) deplorable
(B) fundamental
(C) harmful
(D) disgraceful

(A) gigantic
(B) colourful
(C) beautiful
(D) fantastic

(A) timid
(B) arrogant
(C) adamant
(D) angry

(A) usual
(B) universal
(C) constant
(D) similar

(A) revelation
(B) acquittal
(C) refusal
(D) accusation

(A) sweet
(B) dull
(C) hard
(D) sour

Ans 1. (D) equipment (Noun) : things needed for a particular activity
accoutrements (Noun) : pieces of equipment needed for a particular activity.
companions (Noun) : persons who spend a lot of time with you
calculations (Noun) : the process of using numbers to find out an amount

Ans 2. (B) truth (Noun) : the facts in reality and not guess work
veracity (Noun) : truth; truthfulness
freedom (Noun) : the right to do or say anything without anyone stopping you
wisdom (Noun) : the ability to make sensible decisions
loyalty (Noun) : the quality of being faithful

Ans 3. (A) continuously (Adverb) : happening without stopping or interruption
incessantly (Adverb) : never stopping; constantly
inevitably (Adverb) : certain or sure to happen
regularly (Adverb) : at regular intervals or times
indiscreetly (Adverb) : saying without being careful

Ans 4. (A) clapped (Verb) : acclaim by clapping both hands
heralded (Verb) : to be a sign that something is going to happen; acclaim.
proclaimed (Verb) : to say something important in public
protested (Verb) : to say something to show that you do not agree
rewarded (Verb) : to give somebody something because he has worked hard or done something good

Ans 5. (C) harmful (Adjective) : causing damage
detrimental (Adjective) : harmful; damaging.
deplorable (Adjective) : completely unacceptable
fundamental (Adjective) : basic; very important
disgraceful (Adjective) : very bad and unacceptable

Ans 6. (A) gigantic (Adjective) : extremely large
colossal (Adjective) : extremely large
colourful (Adjective) : full of bright colours
beautiful (Adjective) : good looking
fantastic (Adjective) : extremely good

Ans 7. (C) adamant (Adjective) : firm or determined not to change your mind
stubborn (Adjective) : determined not to change your mind; obstinate
timid (Adjective) : not brave; shy and nervous
arrogant (Adjective) : behaving in an unpleasant way
angry (Adjective) : having strong feeling about something you dislike

Ans 8. (C) constant (Adjective) : happening all the time
invariable (Adjective) : never changing; unchanging; happening always
usual (Adjective) : normal
universal (Adjective) : done by all the people
similar (Adjective) : being the same

Ans 9. (D) accusation (Noun) : a statement saying that you think a person is guilty of doing something wrong
indictment (Noun) : a sign that a system, society, etc. is very bad or wrong
revelation (Noun) : the act of making people to know about something ; disclosure
acquittal (Noun) : an official decision in court that a person is not guilty of crime
refusal (Noun) : the act of refusing

Ans 10. (A) sweet (Adjective) : having a taste like sugar or a pleasant smell.
dulcet (Adjective) : sounding sweet and pleasant
dull (Adjective) : not interesting or exciting
hard (Adjective) : tough; solid, firm or stiff
sour (Adjective) : having a taste like a lemon

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