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Get Free E-Books here with Safalta. Prepare GK for various examinations through our reliable and comprehensive E-Books

Are you preparing for various competitive examinations and looking for the most reliable content for free? As various competitive examinations like UPSC NDA, CDS, Uttrakhand PCS, even UPSC Civil services and UPPSC prelims are line up in next few months. We have brought for you Free E-Books that have been prepared to keep in mind the nature of the examination, time crunch of candidates. Our E-Books have been prepared under the expert guidance of our Faculty and we have tried to ensure the content in them is authentic and reliable as demanded by our students. Now all your worry about the most important GK topics is solved through our F- Books. The space below is the compilation of F-Books that each candidate must have in order to succeed in the examination.

Download Free- Books - General Knowledge

The gk section is the most feared section in examinations like NDA and CDS.


Even the aspirants of SSC, Banks and other state examinations face difficulty in the GK section. But, having a good command over GK is always a benefit as it can ensure success in examinations like - NDA, CDS, and other PCS examinations. For cando=idates of the SSC and Banking examination GK might be the most crucial section to get the desired rank.  For good command over GK it is essential you stick to the right sources, we have compiled all essential information from various standard sources for your easy learning and quick revision.

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The Free - Books cover the following most important topics: 

Free E-Book - History

Post Gupta Period

The time after the downfall of the mighty Gupta Empire from 6 th Century onwards is Known as the Post Gupta Period. The period is important for various political, social, and religious transitions that the Indian Subcontinent witnessed. The fiduciaries of Gupta Rulers became independent and times of instability and conflicts existed till Harsha.  Another notable transition that is significant in the Post Gupta period is the decline of trade and transport once flourishing trade that once existed subsided during this period. This period saw the advent of Mahayana Buddhism and conflicts of south India between Chalukyas and Pallavas in south India. The famous Chinese Traveller Hiuen Tsang visited Inda during this period. In terms of social changes the caste system had already established its foot during Gupta Period, the condition of Women Detoriated due to further. 

To know more about the Post-Gupta Period Download the Free- Book here.

Delhi Sultanate 
Though the first Iranian Invasion in India was by Mahummud Gzanavi in 8 th Century or 706 A.D. The advent of the Delhi Sultanate, that is the advent of Islamic Rulers in India is said to have begun from 1206 A.D., which lasted till 1526.  Delhi Sultanate is the collective term for various Afgan and Iranian Rulers who ruled over India before the Mughals established their rule. The dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate are as follows: the Mamluk dynasty (1206–1290), the Khalji dynasty (1290–1320), the Tughlaq dynasty (1320–1414), the Sayyid dynasty (1414–1451), and the Lodi dynasty (1451–1526). Get complete information on Delhi Sultanate and various aspects like political, social, and economic through our E-Book.

To know more about the Delhi Sultanate Download the Free- Book here.

Free E-Book - Polity 

Making Of Indian Constitution
Indian Constitution was enacted and adopted on 26 th of January. But do you know it was M. N, Rory a pioneer of the communist movement of India, who had first proposed the making of Indian Constution. The Making of the Indian constitution began with an objective resolution which was presented by Jawahar Lal Nehru and Drafting Committee under Dr. Br Amedkar prepared the Draft for the Indian Constitution.  Indian constitution is the most comprehensive and bulkiest constitution of the world. Framer of Indian Constitution insured they borrowed the best features from all the major constitutions of the world, at the same time ensured it was reflective of dreams of our freedom fighters, representative of Indian dreams and aspiration, intune of the Indian way of life.

Find out how this marvelous Document came into being- Download the Free- Book here.

River System 
The Indian River system is broadly classified into the Himalayan River System and Peninsular River System. As the name suggests the classification is based on the origin of rivers. The River system comprises the main river and its tributaries. The questions on rivers and their tributaries, the origin and course of rivers are asked in the examinations. The questions in geography in majority of time are map-based- Know about two main Indian rivers below.
  1. Bharamapuatra River SystemDownload Free E-Book here.
  2. Indus River System- Download Free E-Book here.

Free E Books