General English Quiz Test For IBPS PO/Clerk Prelims 2022- 10th August

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1. Occupying by many meetings, he did not reach home in time.

(a) by occupying
(b) while occupied
(c) occupied with
(d) No improvement

2. The ship was in mercy of the waves.

(a) to be in mercy of
(b) at the mercy of
(c) having mercy on
(d) No improvement

3. He was the last one to got of the bus.

(a) get off the bus
(b) get off in bus
(c) got off the bus
(d) No improvement

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4. He parked his vehicle under the shade of a tree.

(a) on
(b) in
(c) beneath
(d) No improvement


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God has bestowed man unusual gifts.

(a) bestowed with man
(b) bestowed for man
(c) bestowed on man
(d) No improvement

6. The flood-affected people are looking forward with the visit of the Governor.

(a) looking forward to
(b) looking forward on
(c) looking forward for
(d) No improvement
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When I heard of my grandmother's death, I burst at tears.

(a) upon
(b) into
(c) in
(d) No improvement

8. I beg pardon of you for being late.

(a) with
(b) off
(c) for
(d) No improvement

9. Fortune continues to smile over me.

(a) at
(b) on
(c) with
(d) No improvement

10. He has command over English.

(a) on
(b) of
(c) in
(d) No improvement


Check Answer- 

1. (c) occupied with 2. (b) at the mercy of 3. (a) get off the bus 4. (b) in 5. (c) bestowed on man 6. (a) looking forward to 7. (b) into 8. (d) No improvement 9. (c) on 10. (b) of

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