How to join Indian Airforce as an Officer: Know Entries Here

Updated Wed, 26 May 2021 03:48 PM IST

How to join Indian Airforce as an Officer 

How to join Indian Airforce as an Officer: Every young blood wants to serve the nation by joining defence forces, to ease your understanding here we have provided you the different entries from which you can join Indian Air Force as per your eligibility. Indian Air Force promises a adventure and exciting career for desired candidates. Aspirants with hardwork and dedication you are just a step away of doning the uniform you desire.

• After 12th (10+2) 

The candidates can enter the IAF after passing class 12th also. All men, who  have passed the exam of class 12th, may join National Defence Academy  (NDA) by passing the written exam and SSB interview.

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Source: Indian Air Force

Once the training is  completed, the candidates join the IAF. The exam for NDA is conducted by  the UPSC twice a year.

• After Graduation 

Graduates can also join any branch of the IAF by passing the Combined  Defence Services (CDS) exam which is conducted by the UPSC twice a year.  The candidates can also appear in the Air Force Common Admission Test  (AFCAT) to get selected in the IAF. After the selection, the candidates get  training at one of the IAF training institutes and then they are  commissioned and posted as Officers. 

• After Post-Graduation 

After completing the post-graduation, the candidates can join the technical  or ground duty branches. It is easy to join the IAF if the candidates have a  degree in Aeronautical Engineering or Electronics. 

• NCC Entry 

National Cadet Corps (NCC), also known as the Fourth Line of Defence,  provides an opportunity to join the IAF. If the candidates have completed  NCC training and obtained a ‘C’ Certificate from the Air Wing NCC then  they are eligible to join the IAF. 

• University Entry Scheme (UES) Entry 

University Entry Scheme (UES) is for those candidates who are currently  pursuing their Pre-final year of BE/B.Tech degree. It is to be ensured that  there should not be any backlog in any paper in the previous semesters at  the time of SSB Interview. On the completion of the degree, the candidates  must obtain minimum 60% marks in total in all the papers.

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