How to Prepare Idioms & Phrases For SSC Exams?

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This article will provide you all the tips you need to follow while preparing Idioms & Phrases for SSC Exams

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organisation under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices. 

With SSC Exams around the corner students must have started their preparation in full swing . Well we have seen  that in almost all SSC Exams the  English Language section has a number of questions from the topic 'Idioms and phrases' . 

An idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements ( 
For example - For example the idiom  "break a leg" is an ironic expression where the group of words is used to  wish a person  luck just prior to their giving a performance or presentation.

This article will provide you all the tips you need to follow while preparing Idioms & Phrases for SSC Exams .Following are some suggestions candidates need to follow for preparing Idioms & Phrases for SSC exams .

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1.First and foremost maintain a list of all the Idioms  you know of and encounter while preparing .While studying if you come across any unfamiliar and new ones note them down along with meaning and context . This list will help you revise and recall  while doing your revision .

2.Pick out 5 idioms and phrases from the books you're using for preparation and use them to form sentences or try and learn the context behind it for  practice .

3.Idioms and phrases just can't be used anywhere and everywhere . They have certain meaning and context . So as to learn better learn the contexts behind them .This shall help you and understanding and remembering that particular idiom/phrase better .

4.Read the idiom again and again to try and decipher a context between  words used and actual meaning .


For example -Better late than never  disguise . Well from this idiom one can easily figure out that it implies that rather that the words better and never have a kind of interplay between them .So it might be quite easy to figure out that it means doing things late rather than never doing them .  It means if we don't get something done we might  regret later  that we didn't do it at all .

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So better is preety great than never

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5.Generally questions from this portion are repeated from past year papers.  So keep a note of all those idioms and phrases asked in the previous papers and keep a list to help memorize better

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Some frequently asked Idioms & Phrases are as follows:

To read between the lines- to search for or discover a meaning which is implied rather than explicitly stated 
Between the devil and the deep sea- to be in a difficult situation where you've to choose between two equally unpleasant options.

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