Crack IBPS Clerk Exam 2020: Top 10 Common Mistakes made by aspirants in exam

Updated Wed, 09 Sep 2020 11:17 AM IST

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You can apply online for this exam till 23rd September, 2020 by visiting IBPS’s official site. The final exam will consists of 2 papers i.e. Prelims and Mains Paper which will be held in the months of December and January respectively. Therefore, you are left with only few months to prepare for the IBPS clerk exam. It is a common myth that banking clerk exams are very easy to crack! However, it’s not true as the competition is very tough and each applicant tries to give his/her best in the paper.

By now, most of you must have started thinking, what is the right approach to ace this exam? Should I join coaching or should I opt for self-study? What are the books that I need to follow?

But according to me, you should think the other way round.

Source: amar ujala

Everyone follows the best approach, the best books and the best coaching but only few are able to crack this exam. Have you ever wondered why?

The reason is very simple! They commit some or the other mistakes either while preparing or appearing for the exam. Thus, your aim should be to identify those mistakes and avoid committing them, so that you can pass the IBPS clerk exam with flying colours.

Today’s blog will highlight 10 common mistakes committed by IBPS clerk aspirants:

  1. Planning but not Executing: This is the most common mistake that IBPS clerk applicants commit. They make a time table for their preparation but do not follow it. It has been observed that majority of candidates follow their time table for maybe a month but then begin skipping the schedule of the time table. Remember, consistency is the key to crack any competitive exam. So, the day you start missing on your preparations, the chance of you clearing the exam will start falling weak.
    Also, while making their time table candidates keep long studying hours which is a wrong approach to follow. Rather, the time table should be made in a way that you get enough short breaks in between your study schedule to avoid boredom and fatigue. Keeping your mind fresh is very important.
  2. Collecting hordes of study material: It is a fallacy that the more the number of books you study, the better you score. So, candidates try to get hold of whatever books they come across. This is another huge mistake!
    The more the number of books you start referring too, the more confused you will end up being. So, try to follow limited but relevant study material. Do not waste your time running here and there, trying to find the best book. Join some coaching instead, because then you can get access to all types of relevant study material. Thus, saving a lot of time and effort!
  3. Focusing on too many exams:  It is human tendency that we try to grab each and every opportunity that comes our way. There’s nothing bad about it but when it comes to appearing for competitive exams you should have only one exam in focus at a time. It is because the syllabus and exam pattern for each exam is different. If you try to prepare for different exams simultaneously, chances are very high that you may end up screwing all the exams.
    Hence, go for one exam at a time. Devote your full time and energy in its preparation and see how well you will be able to perform in that exam.
  4. Not Studying smart: Smart study is of utmost importance when it comes to competitive exams like IBPS clerk exam and other banking sector exams. IBPS aspirants mostly try to go the long way to solve quant related questions which proves to be very hectic and time consuming.
    However, there approach should be that they should note down important formulas and concepts while studying and learn them by heart. They should also earn the tips and tricks to solve the most frequently repeated questions. This will not only help in time management in the exam but will also reduce your chances of error.
  5. Believing Myths about English Section: There are many prevalent myths about English section of the IBPS clerk exam like it is very easy to crack, mugging up grammar rules will help, etc. Most of the times candidates end up believing these. Thus, loosing marks in the most scoring section of the IBPS clerk exam.
    You get almost 30 and 40 questions based on English language in your IBPS clerk Prelims and Mains exam respectively. If you prepare well for this section, the chance might be that you will get an edge over the other candidates.
  6. Leaving Comprehension:  For majority of students this is a threatening and puzzling topic. So, they try to avoid it.
    On the contrary, it is the easiest and scoring topic. All you need to have is a good understanding of English language and good reading speed.
    To develop these 2 skills you can read newspapers, articles, etc on a regular basis. You can very easily score 5 to 10 marks in comprehension.
  7. Not paying Equal attention to all the Sections: Quant is something that candidates majorly focus on! This is the reason that despite performing well in the quant section they are unable to clear the cut-off.
    The ideal approach should be dividing your time equally to all the sections because each section carries its own weightage in the exam.
  8. Unnecessary Attempts: IBPS clerk applicants tend to forget that the exam carries negative marking. Such candidates try to attempt as many questions as possible. Instead your strategy should be to attempt only those answers you are sure about.
    This way you will have more chances of clearing the cut-off.
  9. Lack of Practice: By the time of the exam, the students get bored and hence stop practicing thinking they have already practiced enough and that they know everything.
    Remember, practice makes things permanent. So, try to solve as many mock tests and previous year question papers as possible. Also, do self analysis after solving each paper to identify the topics you are weak in. Try devoting more time to weaker sections.
  10. Exam Anxiety: This is one of the most crucial things. It happens with each and every candidate who appears not only for IBPS exam but for any other competitive exam as well.
    Try to avoid getting pressurised. Be relaxed and calm because there are very dim chances that you will be able to perform well under exam pressure.
    In order to avoid doing silly mistakes and keeping your mind focused, mental peace is very important.
By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you will remarkably perform well in your IBPS Clerk Exam 2020. For more information and guidance, you can join our course at

You can even visit our YouTube channel- Safalta Class to get access to free tutorials and live classes on how to prepare for IBPS clerk exam2020.
Good Luck with your preparations!

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