Crack IIT JEE 2020: Top Tips to Ace IIT JEE in 30 Days

Updated Thu, 27 Aug 2020 03:24 PM IST

Every year around 10 lakh students appear for IIT JEE. Getting into a good IIT, NIT, DTU, IIIT is the goal of each of them. Students are often curious about how to prepare, what time schedule to follow and what resources to approach. Everyone wants to connect with best of the best  coaching ,guidelines and sources. 

Here are some tips which will help you ace IIT JEE in 30 days. Read on to know more:


Source: amar ujala

Planning and Implementation:
This is the first step towards achieving any goal in life. You need to plan and strategize  your work. Then comes implementation or execution of the plan.

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  •  A lot equal time to all the three subjects. If you think you need to work hard on a particular subject then give that subject a little extra effort.
  •  Make notes of the topics. This will help you get a clear picture. Make them chapter wise or section wise. This way you will have your own resource for a quick revision before the examinations.
2. Last years Papers: You should be well aware about the pattern and structure of papers. Observe last years’ papers for additional help. Pattern in which the exam will taken place should also be clear in your head. The more you will solve last years’ question papers the more you will get a notion of the types and terminology of questions asked. Try pushing your limits every day.

3. Positive Attitude: In the period of this obnoxious pandemic, students are very stressed regarding the JEE Mains paper. Take this time as a blessing in disguise. You need not to be discouraged if had had bad score in mock tests and quizzes. Utilize this time to solve more and more questions independently. Keep a positive spirit and never give up. As said by someone “Work hard in silence ,let success make the noise.”

4. Take Mock tests and quizzes: Try taking mock tests and quizzes. It will help you get familiarize with the exam pattern. Also, it will help increasing your analytical and problem solving ability. There are daily video compilations on the topics covering JEE. These compilations are really effective in enhancing your knowledge and maintaining the pace of your preparations.

5. Resources: Be very selective about the resources you select. Often students end up buying many books and materials but it is of no help. Try focusing on one resource rather than chasing many things simultaneously. It should be quality over quantity. Students should be focused and concentrated throughout the preparation period. That does not mean taking unnecessary stress. Try  remaining relaxed. Taking short breaks of 5-10 minutes during your studies.

6. Keep your health well: Aptly said that a sound mind rests in a sound body. So remain fit and healthy. Try doing some form of physical activity. Exercise or go for a small walk. Since this is Lockdown period and we cannot go out of our houses frequently, doing yoga and meditation are the best solution. Do take a healthy and nutritious diet. Proper sleep of 5-6 hours is also very important.

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