Crack IIT JEE 2022: Ace Chemistry with these top 11 tips

Updated Thu, 27 Aug 2020 03:43 PM IST

Chemistry is a scoring subject in IIT JEE. If your basic concept are strong ,you can score much better in JEE. There many students who appear for IIT JEE every year. These students have many queries regarding the preparations, resources and methods. Today, we will talk about how to hone your skills in Chemistry paper.

Here are top 11 tips which will help you ace Chemistry in IIT JEE 2022 Exam.

1. Give equal time to all 3 parts Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.

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Focus on all these parts. Do not miss out any part. Be selective about the resources or study material you are going to use, do self assessment and strategize your study plan.

2. Memorize the formulas, it will be a key in determining your speed of solving problems.

3. Periodic Table is a must.

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It’s one of the basic foundation of Chemistry.

4. Areas to focus more are Complete reaction mechanism, d-block elements, f-block elements and co-ordination compounds, Electrochemistry, Biomolecules and carbonyl compounds. Topics concerning both Physics and Chemistry like Nuclear chemistry, Thermodynamics will help you score good in both the papers.

5. Note making is very important. Try to make notes while you are studying. This will help you in revision before your exam. You will have your own personalized resource which you can refer any time.

6. Practice more. The more you practice JEE questions, the more your understanding about the patterns of questions will increase. Give at-least 3 hours to solving problems. Keep a well record of time you are taking to solve the questions.

7. Solve previous years’ question papers. Solving previous year papers - both online and offline will help you get familiar with the terminology  of problems and the difficulty level. If you have solved say, 20 previous year papers, it will come in very handy to steer your preparation in the right direction.

8. Time management is also required. Do not spend more time on hard questions. Attempt  questions in which you are confident. Be very calculative about the time which you are going to contribute to each question.

9. Take JEE Mock Tests. This will help you improve your performance as you will be able to know about your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to analyze your mistakes. They will give you a clearer picture of where you stand and how much efforts you need to put in.

10. Attempting theoretical questions over numerical questions is preferred. However, if you feel more comfortable in solving numerical questions then you should go by your instincts.

11. Exercise or go for a small walk. Since this is Lockdown period and we cannot go out of our houses frequently, doing yoga and meditation are the best solution. Do take a healthy and nutritious diet. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

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