Crack IIT JEE 2022: Master Math in 7 simple steps

Updated Wed, 02 Sep 2020 11:31 AM IST

Math is a very significant subject in the IITJEE exam. This paper carries  100 marks in Mains, and 120 marks in  Advance. Read on to know about 7 simple steps that will help you master Mathematics.

1. Practice: Mathematics is not a conceptual subject. To excel in Mathematics, you need lots and lots of practice.

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The problems appearing in JEE Mains Mathematics are repetitive, i.e., if you have solved enough problems, it is very likely that the questions coming in exams will not be foreign to you. This will help you save a lot of time during the paper and improve your accuracy.

2. Solving Previous Papers: Do solve previous year papers - It will help you get acquainted with the paper difficulty level and the pattern of regular questions.

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You should solve at least 15 previous year papers, it will come in very handy to steer your preparation in the right direction. For people whose exam date is near, say 1-3 months, solving previous papers ( if you haven’t ) will be the best thing to do. It will help build the exam temperament and you won't get nervous on the D-Day.

3. Do time-based assessment: This is the most important tip that any JEE Topper can give you and that is time-based assessment in the last month of preparation. Just sit down on your desk, take a sample paper which is of a full test paper format, solve the paper as if you were in the exam hall, by using a clock. A self- mock exam for 3 hours. You should take 1 -2 hours  for analyzing your mistakes and work on the weak parts. You will learn time management, develop a great exam temperament, and will reduce your silly mistakes improving your accuracy drastically if you apply this technique, solving 1-2 papers daily in the last month of preparation.

4. Do Not spend too much time on hard problems: Do not get stuck on large/calculation heavy problems. The questions asked in JEE Mains are tricky but only require 4-5 lines of calculation max. The goal is to get familiar with all the topics from all the chapters. Solve easy-medium level problems from all different topics possible from the syllabus.

5. Memorize the formulas: Memorizing all the formulas will be a key in determining your speed of solving problems. There are 100s of equations, identities, rules in Intermediate Mathematics, It is true that with the right approach you can derive all of them, but in the exam, it will be a lot easier and faster if you have the formula ready in your memory. It will save tons of time otherwise which could lead to panic. A good trick is to write down formulas in different sheets of paper and glue them to the wall in front of your desk or any other place which you pass often. Prepare sheets of formulas for Trigonometric Identities, Common Definite and Indefinite Integrals, Solutions of Triangles, 2D and 3D Coordinate Geometry formulas, etc, and glue them to places frequently accessible to your eyes, this will subconsciously help you memorize them quickly.

6. Plan your everyday!: Make a schedule. Try to stick to it even if some days it doesn’t work out. Choose the right books to study. This is a savior if you don’t want to burden your head with lots of study material. Start with NCERT, and when you are familiar with all the topics go to other books.  NCERT books are not only good for maths but for all the three subjects as they are the basic books that cover your Class XII syllabus and form the foundation for the same. All the important topics covered in NCERT books are in easy and understandable language. While NCERT sets the basis for important concepts and chapters, there are other books that should be referred for a deeper, detailed, and a better understanding of the concepts. For example ML Khanna, RD Sharma for Mains, and Tata McGraw-Hill.

7. Not taking too much stress and Staying Healthy: Stress will stop you from studying so it is better you better say NO to it.
  • Eat good food: Take a well balanced nutritious food and do not skip your meals.
  • Take small breaks: Try taking small breaks when you are studying for long hours. This will refresh your mind and will  help to energize you  . 
  • Do not leave preparation for the last days: This could be the worst thing to follow if one really wants to get through the exam. This would only cause panic; it’s better to start early.
  • Not feel demotivated: Take the exam with a healthy spirit. Don’t take it as a burden otherwise, the results can turn to be another way around.

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