In this optical illusion painting, can you find the Earth's shadow?

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Can You Spot The Shadow Of The Earth In This Optical Illusion Painting? try out this optical illusion.

Color, light, and patterns can be used to produce optical illusions that deceive or mislead our minds. The brain processes the information gathered by the eye, resulting in a perception that does not match the true image. The interpretation of what we see with our eyes is referred to as perception. Our brain tries to interpret what we see and make sense of the world around us, which causes optical illusions. Optical illusions fool our brains into seeing things that aren't necessarily real.
You might not be aware that some paintings can cause optical illusions. Around the world, there are numerous talented artists who captivate their audiences with amazing optical illusion paintings. With millions of consumers worldwide, it is one of the most adored and admired art forms. The artwork created via optical illusions is special in its own right. Famous artist Robert Gonsalves uses his creativity to produce some amazing illusion paintings. Optical Illusion: Castles Or A Chess Board? Your key habits are shown by what you first notice in this painting.

What Do You See in This Optical Illusion Painting?

Robert created a painting of a young woman holding a torch and a globe in the moonlight. I wonder if she was a science nerd attempting to comprehend the idea of shadow or if she was trying to communicate with some angels on the moon using the torchlight signals. However, the artist has left it up to the viewers' imaginations.
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Look at the illustration below and let us know what you think.

Where is the shadow in this optical illusion painting?

It's great that you discovered the shadow of the globe that was concealed in the picture. You have a curious mind and excellent eyesight. But let us give you a tip just in case you haven't located the shadow. The moon was full that night, yet for some reason, one cannot see it. The shadow, perhaps? Yes, you have discovered it now.

To see the shadow for yourself, look at the image below.