Independence Day Speech in English for Students

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On August 15, 2023, India will commemorate the country's 76th anniversary of gaining independence from British domination. On this day, we honour all of our freedom fighters who gave their lives in defence of the nation. Similar to every year on this day of independence, flags are flown in all offices, educational institutions, and governmental organisations in remembrance of the freedom fighters. Many public and private institutions host speech contests on this day for students, teachers, and office personnel. Before we proceed for speech, let us check out our Online coaching programs for classes 9th to 12th here.
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What Independence Means

Even while India's independence was a momentous occasion in her history, it was also a terribly traumatic one.


People who had lived together for generations were split apart as part of the terms of independence, creating the two dominions of India and Pakistan. This will serve as a constant reminder to us that freedom has a cost and requires constant attention. When India first gained its independence, it was a very underdeveloped nation with more than 75% of the people living in poverty, frequent famines, food shortages, and high rates of illiteracy. We swore under oath to improve our country and have been working toward that goal for the past eight decades.

Long Independence Day Speech

Good morning. Welcome to our school's Independence Day celebration.

On this day of national celebration, we should all be pleased to be Indians. Since India is an independent country, we are free to exercise all of our rights, including the freedom of expression and education. We lived under the control of the British government for approximately 200 years. They tormented us, ruined our assets, and treated us like slaves. But after all the battles, Indians continued to fight for their independence and rights with the support of our liberation fighters. On August 15, 1947, India attained its long-awaited independence from British domination. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru raised the Indian flag for the first time atop the Red Fort. Since then, the entire country of India observes Independence Day.

India used to be rich in resources. India was renowned for having the largest market for spices in the world, and we had plenty of minerals. These motivations led the British government to invade India and seize control of its riches since, in the beginning, deceiving Indians was simple.The nation fell under the dominion of the British people after the adoption of several policies. They started tormenting us and making us their property. They sparked disputes among Indians by employing a divide and conquer strategy. This day is filled with a wide range of emotions; it makes us appreciate and love the freedom we enjoy today by serving as a constant reminder of the suffering of slavery, the power of unity, the meaning of sacrifice, and the fact that certain conflicts can be won without the use of force. As proud citizens of this nation, it is our obligation to faithfully carry out our responsibilities and work toward the expansion and advancement of our nation. We have to take an oath to build a brighter future for our nation while keeping in mind the sacrifices made by our forefathers

Thank you!

Short Independence Day Speech

Happy Independence Day to everybody!

It's a sunny morning, and everyone is filled with pride in their country. But 73 years ago, India was still a colony of the British Empire and not an independent nation. Indians were kidnapped, subjected to torture, and made into slaves. Some independence warriors emerged as a result of the rage among Indians, feeling the need to educate Indians about their situation. Indians were involved in their independence campaigns and battles up until they won their freedom. Liberation warriors like Mahatma Gandhi participated in several freedom movements, such as the civil disobedience movement, the non-cooperation movement, and the salt march movement, in order to win independence.

On August 15, 1947, the British Government finally granted us our freedom. This day stands out in our minds because of the enormous sacrifices made by our martyrs. To build a strong nation, we must keep our unity.

Thanks a lot.

Why is independence significant for every nation on earth?

The definition of the word "Independence" is crucial because it refers to a country's citizens' freedom to live in that country without interference, to lead a regular lifestyle, and to make their own judgments.

Why is India seen as a secular nation?

India maintains the neutrality of religion, which has earned it the reputation of being a secular nation. In India, there are no limitations on the practise of any religion.

Is India a republic country?

India is a republic, that much is certain. India adopted its first constitution on January 26th, 1950, and proclaimed itself an independent democratic republic. India gained independence on August 15, 1947, although it wasn't yet a fully independent nation.

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