What is Communication? Means of communication Definition and Meaning

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What is communication and what are the means of communication? So what communication is where does the word communication come from?  The word “communication” is descended from the Latin noun communication, which meant sharing or imparting. From the root communis also known as common, public, and in German terms such as Gemeinschaft (community) and Meinung (opinion). The Latin verb Communicare means to make common Communication. In modern English communication means to exchange of information with different means or modes, Communication is usually understood as the transmission of information. Or we can say that a message is conveyed from a sender to a receiver using different forms of mediums.

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Table of Content

Types of communication

Online means of communications
Offline means of communications


Types of communication

We see types of communication in two different aspects and types and if we talk about communication channels there are two types of communication. i.e.
  1. Verbal communication
  2. Non-verbal communication.
And there are also two types of communication-based on style and purpose. i.e.
  1. Formal Communication
  2. Informal Communication.
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VERBAL COMMUNICATION-  is the use of sounds and words to express oneself, it refers to the production of spoken language to send an intentional message to a listener.

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION is totally in contrast to verbal communication the transfer of information through the use of body language and eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, and more.
As we know there are different means of communication in modern times that are Television, Radio, newspapers, and the Internet, Internet has made the world small through its different uses.

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So let us know about some more means of communication. Further, We can also divide means of communication into two parts i.e., offline and online means of communication.

Online means of communications
The modern way or the new era of communication that has changed the world in terms of technology.
  1. Email
  2. Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  3. Blogs
  4.  Website, etc.
Offline means of communications
We can also say that this is the traditional way of communication in an earlier time when everyone used to communicate to each other.
  1. Letters
  2. Wired telephones
  3. Radio
  4. Television, etc.
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All communication means doing the same work i.e. transferring information from one place to another, for example we all know about the newspaper, what is the real use of information, and information in the newspaper is delivered in form of written text and different pictures.

Likewise, letters were also the most famous mode of communication in the earlier time when there was no internet and telephones within reach of people.
But there was a huge number of illiterate people in the world and they did not know how to read and write letters so there were televisions and radio that helped many people get informed about the world in a very short period of time on compression of the letters.
Basically, telephones are used to exchange messages through
telephonic wires. This was one of the most common ways or means of communication throughout the world, even the telephone has changed in terms of technology and also appearance.
As we all know everything changes with time and so does technology changed with time too, and we have many live examples of how technology has changed throughout time and it has also affected the world in many good ways, although everyone has their own expectations and these modern ways of communication have made many of us lives easier. Today everything is different and we should thank technology for emerging as a means of communication to transmit information and create relationships through it. In our daily lives, we all need means of communication, especially in the modern world of business.

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