Model Paper: Class 12 Business Study CBSE

Updated Thu, 06 Aug 2020 06:07 PM IST

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Model Paper CBSE-2020
Business Studies (054) Class-12th
Time allowed: 3hrs                                                                                                                Maximum Marks : 80
General Instructions:
i.       This question paper contains five sections- A, B, C, D and E.
ii.      Section A contains questions 1 to 20 carrying one mark each. Answer to these questions may be given in one word or a sentence.
iii.     Section B contains questions 21 to 25 carrying three marks each. Answer to these questions may be given in 50-75 words.
iv.     Section C contains questions 26 to 28 carrying four marks each. Answers to these questions may be given in about 120 words.
v.      Section D contains questions 29 to 31 carrying five marks each. Answers to these questions may be given in about 150 words.
vi.     Section E contains questions 32 to 34 carrying six marks each.

Source: Safalta

Answers to these questions may be given in about 200 words.
vii.    There is no over-all choice in the question paper, however an internal choice has been provided in 1 question of three marks, 1 question of four marks, 2 question of five marks 2 question of six marks. You have to attempt one of the choices in such questions.
Section A
Q1.   After every three months, Mr. Peter, Sales manager offers new trade promotion schemes to its distributors. He plans to introduce new varieties of products keeping in mind the needs of customer and promotional schemes for his competitors. This gives him an added advantage over his competitors. Identify which characteristic of management is reflected in above situation?                                                                                                      (1)
                        a. Universal                            b. Dynamic                                 
                        c. Goal oriented                      d. Continuous            
Q2.   Time to be spent in performing a task ‘is an example of                                                                                                                              (1)
                        a. Quantitative standards      b. Qualitative standards
                        c. Organizational standards  d. none           
Q3.   Being a sole proprietor, Mr. Robert takes all decisions himself, without involving his team. As the business grows, additional branches are made functional throughout the country, but Mr. Robert still keeps all decision making authority in his hands. This leads to delays in decision making and lowers efficiency of business. Suggest to Mr. Robert, a solution to improve the efficiency of business.         1         
Q4.   Just after declaration of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 results, the BSE’s Price index (Sensex) rose by 2100 points in a day. Identify the environment factor which led to the rise.                                 1
                        a. Political                               b. Economical                        
                        c. Social                                  d. Legal                                      
Q5.   Prior to the year 2016, the Indian Government had demonetized bank notes on two prior Occasions – once in the year 1946 and then again in the year 1978. In both cases, the purpose was to combat tax evasion by ‘black money’. Identify the type of plan from above lines.                                                                              1  
                        a. Policy                                   b. Strategy                 
                        c. Objective                             d. Method                   
Q6.   Which function of management recognizes the importance of every single person employed by an organisation?                                                                                                                               1
                        a. Controlling                          b.  Planning    
                        c. Directing                             d. Staffing                                 
Q7.   Mr. Rohit a manager maintains good inter-personal relationships with all his subordinates and is able to influence their behavior. Identify the element of one of the function of management.                       1
                        a. Supervision                         b. Motivation  
                        c. Leadership                          d. Communication                               
Q8.   Ishika Ltd. Assured their employees that in spite of recession no worker will be retrenched from the job. Name the type of incentive offered to the employee.                                                                                        1
                        a. Status                                 b. Profit sharing                                        
                        c. Employee empowerment    d. Job security           
Q9.   The purpose of motivation is that process which creates _________ among the people to achieve
         desired objectives                                                                                                                                                     1     
                        a. Competition                        b. Excitement            
                        c. Conflict                               d. Cooperation           
Q10. Identify  and state the type of organizational structure  in the following case: Simran is a dynamic CEO and she allows for autonomy and opportunity to perform multiple functions . This has led to managerial development in her employees.                                                                                                                                1
Q11. Gen X Fashions is planning to launch a casual wears for college students in a year time to extend its product line. Identify the objective of management.                                                                                     1
                        a. Organisational                    b. Profit                      
                        c. Growth                                d. Social                     
Q12. A company “Lets Pizza” is planning to install machine which will be able to create pizza by kneading it on the spot and adding only fresh ingredients. It will be provided in a takeaway cardboard box . state the requirement  of fixed capital for the company.                                                                                                        1
Q13. German auto company Volkswagen was issued notice by the Government of India for its diesel  vehicles showing significant differences  in emission levels during on road and laboratory testing. The objections were raised by the Automotive Research Association of India which found that the emissions levels were at 5-6 times more than what was disclosed and specified as standards norms. Which consumer right is violated by not following specification?                                                                                                                                  1
                        a. Right to safety                    b. Right to heard        
                        c. Right to information           d. Right to Choose     
Q14. A soap manufacturing company has decided to market its products through the existing e-commerce companies. Identify the element of marketing mix which is related to this decision.                                  1
                        a. Price                                    b. Product      
                        c. Place                                   d. Promotion              
Q15. Ms Aparna started a shoe manufacturing unit. She is making a type of slippers with the aim to fulfill customers demand of providing comfort of wearing it for the whole day.  Which concept of marketing is being followed by Ms Aparna ?                                                                                                                                          1
Q16. The time lag between placement of order and actual receipt of the materials is called ______.                     1
Q17. What is Depository Service?                                                                                                                                     1
Q18. The companies which cannot bear the expenditure of public issue, use the method of
         private placement. (T/F)                                                                                                                                          1     
Q19. When National Foundation for communal harmony persuade people to donate on Flag Day,
         marketing is done for:                                                                                                                                              1
                        a. Event                                   b. Service       
                        c. Idea                                     d. Organisation          
Q20. A producer of Surajmukhi claimed in an advertisement in a national newspaper that his product has large amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, tests indicated that it was a false claim.
         Whose example is this?                                                                                                                                            1
                        a. Exploitation of consumer   b. Welfare of consumer          
                        c. Information for consumer  d. None of these         
Q21. Ranu industry is manufacturing room heaters. She applies her knowledge of management in running her factory. Ranu the managing director always explains to all employees that although achieving the goals in time are important but more important is that they should be achieved at minimum cost and wastage. She also keeps her employees motivated by telling them that the organizational goals can be achieved only by the combined efforts of all.
         Explain the concept being referred by Ranu and its importance.                                                                           3
Q22. Vasu runs a chain of quick service restaurant in various parts of Delhi. Through, feedback from the customers he has analyzed that there is a need for improving customer satisfaction in his self-service outlets. So, he sets standards in terms of time taken by a customer to wait for a table, time taken by him to place the order and time taken to collect the order. Moreover, he deploys a team of executives to study the actual pattern of these activities in all of his QRS chain outlets and give him a report on their assessment.
         Identify the function and explain briefly the two steps involved in this function.                                                 3
Q23. “A business must lay emphasis on protecting the consumers and adequately satisfying them.”  Explain by giving any three suitable points in support of the statement.                                          3
Q24. Mr. Noor Kapoor, a Program manager in Fantasy Ltd, interacted with Mr. Deeraj Kumar who works as a Marketing manager through internet to inform him about the new travel packages designed by the company.
         (a) Identify the type of communication being referred to in the above line.
         (b) State two categories in which this type of communication can be further classified.                                       3
Q25. Explain the importance of packaging. 
         Explain the importance of Labelling                                                                                                                        3
Section C
Q26. India embarked on demat process in the year 1996 and SEBI rules require all listed companies to dematerialize shares. Identify and explain the dimensions of business environment being discussed above.                                                                                                                                                                        4
Q27. Unilever has found a new way to make ice creams by using an ingredient called ‘ice structuring protein’ which is widely found in nature especially, in fishes which allows them to survive in freezing artic water. Combining ISP with stabilizer technology allows to make ice creams that don’t melt so easily thereby making it more convenient for small children and consumers in hot countries.                             4
         Identify and explain the function of marketing highlighted here. And explain two other functions.
Q28. With the help of any four points, explain the crucial role that organizing plays in an enterprise.
       State the steps in the organizing process.                                                                                                                 4
Section D
Q29. Spellbound Company Limited is an Indian luxury goods company which commenced operations in the year 1981 and has diversified into four segments namely, fashion wear, watches, fragrances and eyewear. It now plans to launch a series of smart watches.                5
         Identify and explain the type of financial decision being taken by the company. Also, explain any three factors affecting this decision.
Q30. Why is planning is necessary for effective management? Give five reasons.                                                      5
         ‘In spite of best efforts of manager sometimes planning fails due to its limitations’. Explain any five        
         such limitations.                                               
Q31. Explain the significance of ‘Principles of Management’                                                                                           5
         Describe Taylor Principles Science, not rule of thumb and cooperation, not individualism.
Section E
Q32. Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is best known for running one of the largest search engines on the World Wide Web (WWW). Every day 200 million people use it. Google was named the 2014 “Best Company to work for” by the Great Place to Work Institute and Fortune Magazine. The company hosts employee forums on all Fridays where there is an examination of the 20 most asked questions. Moreover, its employees can make use of any of a number of channels of expression to communicate their ideas and thoughts. Channels include Google+ conversations, a wide variety of surveys, and even direct emails to any of the Google leaders.                                                                                6
(a)     Identify and explain the type of communication barrier being overcome by Google Inc.
(b)     Briefly explain any two other types of communication barriers.                       
Q33. Ms. Jayshree recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. A few months from now Amba steel manufacturing company appointed her on a managerial position related to her area of specialization at the middle level of organization. As of now, the company employs 800 persons and has an expansion plan in hand which may require another 200 persons for various types of additional requirements:
a.      Point out; which task is Jayshree supposed to perform?
b.      Enlist the various functions she is supposed to perform at specified position.     
         At Wipro, Project Readiness Program a 20 day structured training program is offered to all campus recruits coming from varied background (Engineers + Non Engineers) to be trained on essential behavioral and technical skills that prepare them to work in live customer projects. e-learning has been introduced in this training for engineering campus new hires. About 25% of the training duration has been adopted in e-learning mode.
a.      Identify the type of training being offered to the employees at Wipro.
b.      Write two other types of training offered to employees.
c.      Explain importance of training to the employees.                                                                                                  6
Q34. In today’s commercial world, the stock exchange performs many vital functions which lead the investors towards positive environment”. Explain how by giving any four reasons.                                   6
         Explain any four methods of floatation of new issue in the primary market.

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