Crack NEET 2022: Secure Higher in Botany in Just 7 Simple Steps

Updated Wed, 26 Aug 2020 01:01 PM IST

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Are you looking forward to getting admission in colleges like AIIMS, JIPMER, etc?

Then this might be the chance for you!  Be ready to appear for NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (NEET). NEET is the country’s most sought after exam. Every year lakhs of students across the country who are aspiring to become doctors, wait for NEET online application forms. This test is conducted annually to admit students to various medical institutes for pursuing their undergraduate degrees like MBBS and BDS. If you are targeting the country’s most reputed medical institutes then you need to start preparing for this exam in your 11th standard itself.

Source: amar ujala results

This way you have almost 2 years until you finally appear for NEET 2022. The NEET online forms for NEET2022 will be out by November 2021 and the NEET exam date will be around May 2022.
The NEET exam comprises three sections: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Biology carries the highest weightage(90 questions) in the exam and further consists of two parts namely: Botany and Zoology both carrying 45 questions each. Usually biology is the easiest of all the three subjects and hence you can score pretty well in this section by starting preparation at the right time and with the right approach.

In today’s blog we will share how just by following 7 simple steps you can ace in the botany section of your NEET exam.

1. Study Material: Even before you start preparing for NEET2022, the first thing I would suggest you to do is have a look at the NEET syllabus so that you can then decide on relevant study material to be followed while preparing for the test. You will observe that your botany section syllabus requires knowledge on topics like Biological Classification, Kingdom Monera, Cell Biology, etc. Since, most of these topics are the ones that you will have or will study in your 11th and 12th standards.

So, the best book to follow will be your NCERT books of both the classes. Make sure you go through the diagrams of NCERT as many questions in NEET are based on diagrams. If you want to follow an additional book then AC Dutta is recommended.
The best thing to do would be to join online courses because then you will not have to waste time searching for relevant study material. Everything will be available at your fingertips no matter those are live or recorded classes or notes related to some important topics. For your help, I would recommend you to join ‘s classes on NEET preparation.

2. Set your daily routine: Consistency is the key to success. In order to be consistent it's advised that you prepare a daily routine for yourself so that you are able to finish your preparation well and in time. Once you have your hands on the study material set goals for yourself. For instance, divide your time like you will study for two hours and then take a half hour break. Make sure you revise everything you have learned during the day before going to bed. Allocate time to different topics depending on their difficulty level and weightage in the final exam. Do self analysis after every week to keep a track of your progress. Studying for NEET can be very exhausting at times so, don't forget to keep aside adequate time for your sleep while preparing your study plan. Diet is also very important. Try eating fruits and increase the intake of liquids as they will help you stay fresh and calm. Have a balanced diet so that you can stay fit and study better.

3. Notes: While studying try highlighting or taking notes of important topics. This will help you to remember a lot more about the concepts than you would have remembered after reading through them once. You can also summarize your study in the form of charts and diagrams; this will enable you to have a quick revision before the NEET 2022. You can even paste these diagrams and charts in your room so that you can go through them time and again. This will help in memorizing the concepts.

4. Previous Year Question papers: Get hold of as many previous year question papers as possible and try to solve them. Find out how much time does you take to solve these and work on your timings in case you are taking too long to answer botany questions. Find out the topics you are weak in and try to focus on them more.

Analyze the NEET exam pattern and see how many questions you get on which topic. Although this pattern may vary but still you will get an idea of important topics related to botany. For example, the majority of questions that you get in the botany section are based on topics like Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Genetics, Cell Biology, etc.

5. Common Mistakes: Most of the candidates repeat the following mentioned mistakes while preparing for botany section of NEET exam:
  • Following a very hectic schedule and studying for a very long duration of hours. This results in boredom and fatigue.
  • Going through a large number of books related to botany. Students tend to forget that it's not the number of botany books you study that matters but the relevance of books is what actually matters.
  • Not following the time table and thinking that it doesn't matter if they don't study for a day or two. You should study on a regular basis and it shouldn’t be that one day you are studying very much and then you are not picking up books for the next 3 days or so.
6. Use Analogies: NEET aspirants should make use of codes to remember important botany concepts. These help in long term retention of concepts because they help you to connect concepts to already existing concepts in your mind.

7. Make use of technology: We are very fortunate to have access to everything just at the click of the mouse. If you find it difficult to understand some topic then just Google it out. Watch YouTube videos and other tutorials related to that topic. There are various online platforms which you can follow for a more quick and effective learning.

Above all, you need to stay motivated and enthusiastic until the day of your final NEET exam. Keep revising things so that you may not forget them. Remember, Practice makes things permanent and talking about botany, this is your only way to score well.

For NEET latest updates and NEET coaching visit Our experts will guide you in the best possible way.

Good Luck with your preparations!

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