Optical illusion: Is it possible to spot the concealed dancer in this optical illusion?

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Can you find the hidden dancer in this optical illusion image? read more for further details.

Optical illusions are images or visuals that appear to us to be different from what they are. To put it another way, optical illusions happen when our eyes convey information to our brains that leads us to believe something that isn't true. "Illusion" is derived from the Latin word illude, which means "to mock." Physiological illusions exist in some cases. This indicates that they are caused by a physical mechanism in the eyes or brain. Optical illusion: In 25 seconds, can you find a second animal hidden in this image?

Optical illusions can be traced all the way back to the ancient Greeks. "Our senses can be trusted yet they can be readily deceived," Aristotle wrote circa 350 BC. Do you have any idea what he noticed?
When you look at a waterfall and then transfer your gaze to stationary rocks, the rocks appear to move in the opposite direction of the water flow. The "motion aftereffect" or "waterfall illusion" is a term used to describe this type of effect.
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What happened and how did it happen?

Tracking the flow of water causes some neurons in the brain to "burn out" as they adjust to the motion. When you move your focus to the rocks, competing neurons overcompensate, creating the appearance of movement in the opposite direction.

Look at the image and see if you can see the hidden dancer;

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On the subject of illusions, the twentieth century saw something of a breakthrough. The goal was to figure out how humans process the world, which led to some fascinating perceptual discoveries.
What did you notice in the photo? What is the location of the dancer? Is she on the right or left side of the picture? Is she in the image's center?
In this lovely photograph of flamingos, where is the secret dancer? Don't worry if you didn't notice the hidden dancer.
There is a single ballerina amid the flamingos in this flock. The ballerina's tutu is the same color as the birds. Her garment also has a ruffle that resembles the flamingos' wings.

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Have you figured it out yet? If you don't, keep reading for another tip. Also, take another look at the photograph.
One additional hint: the dancer is on the image's left-bottom side. Have you figured out where the image's secret dancer is?
Continue scrolling if you want to see the hidden dancer.

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