Optical illusion: Only 1% of people can identify all nine faces in the optical illusion in under 11 seconds. Do You?

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Tue, 09 Aug 2022 11:41 PM IST


Only 1% Of People Can Spot All The Nine Faces in 11 seconds. Can You?

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A wonderful way to gauge one's capacity for observation is through optical illusions. It aids in sharpening your focus as well. To pass this optical illusion exam, you must correctly identify each of the nine faces within 11 seconds.
Only 1% of participants were able to identify all nine faces in the allotted time of 11 seconds. Now is the time to put your powers of observation to the test.

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Optical Illusion - Can you spot all the nine faces in 11 seconds?
Take a look at the image below.

You are gazing at an unusual picture of a tree. You have 11 seconds to find every single face in this image, which has nine faces hidden in it.
Few persons were able to accomplish this accomplishment.
Do you believe you can beat the previous mark?
Your time has begun.
In this image, two faces are readily apparent, but it is difficult to make out all nine faces.
Only a skilled observer can identify all of the faces in this photograph because they are cleverly hidden inside it.
How many have you already located?

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Watch the image closely. The identities of the faces are awaited.
We suspect that some of you have already identified more than five faces.
You should be commended if you are one of the people who has identified more than seven faces.
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It is challenging to distinguish some of the faces due to their placement.
The time is almost up.
Did you recognize every single face?
Those of you who were able to recognize every face, keep up the fantastic effort. Your capacity for observation is exceptional.
There is no need to fear for those who were not able to. With time, you will get better.
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