Percentage Formula , Steps to calculate percentage

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In order to succeed in competitive tests like the SSC, Railway, etc., the percentage is crucial. Percent is used to indicate it. Use this percentage formula to find percentages and learn easy tactics and tips.

The percentage is applied when converting a portion or quantity to a multiple of 100. In its simplest sense, "percent" means one hundred. The sign "%" is used to denote percentages, which are fractions or sections of 100 and are widely employed in comparison and ratio calculations. The percentage is a useful tool for calculating interest in daily life, which is a fascinating subject. Percentage questions are part of the ability section of several competitive exams, including the SSC, Railway, Banking, CAT, and MAT.If you are preparing for competitive exams and looking for expert guidance, you can download our General Knowledge Free Ebook Download Now.

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Percentage Formula
How to Determine a Percentage ?

Percentage Questions


To help you do better on government competitive exams, we'll provide you a basic explanation of percentages in this post along with their formula and examples. You can master formulas and rapid percentage approaches to respond to queries on this subject. Every exam demands clearing the fundamental concepts as well as having a firm grasp of the important topics. Percentage means "for every 100" or "out of 100." Use the (%) sign to easily write a fraction with a denominator of 100.

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For instance, rather than saying "Ram scored 70 out of 100," we say "Ram scored 70%." The percentage can also be written as 0.72 percent or, using decimal notation, 67.9 percent.

Percentage Formula

The formula to calculate Percentage is very simple.

Percentage = (Value ⁄ Total Value) × 100

How to Determine a Percentage ?

Here, we give you a few illustrations of how to use the % formula to calculate percentages. You can use a percentage calculator to answer these questions to better comprehend percentages and the percentage formula.

Percentage Questions

Example 1: There are 200 students in a class. Out of them, 90 are girls. Find the percentage of girls in the class?

Solution: We are given,

Total students in the class=200

Girls in the class = 90

Percentage of girls in the class = (Girls in the class⁄ Total no. of students) × 100

Percentage of girls in the class = (90/200)x100 = 45%

Example 2: The price of a $1.50 candy bar is increased by 25%. Calculate the new price?

Solution: We are given,

Price of the Candy= $1.50

Increase in the price of candy= 25% or 25/100

New Price of candy= Old Price + increase in price

New Price of candy= 1.50 +25/100

New Price of candy= 1.50 + 1.50 ×.25

New Price of candy= $ 1.875

Example 3: Radha earns a monthly salary of $1200. She spends $280/month on food. What percent of the monthly salary does she save?

Solution: Monthly salary of Radha= $1200

Salary saved by Radha = $(1200 – 280) = $920

The fraction of salary she saves = 920/1200

Percentage of salary she saves = (920/1200)×100 = 920/12 = 76.667 %

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 If Sukhbeer sold 12 pens for a rupee and he had a loss of 20%. How many pens he sold for a rupee if he wants to make a profit of 20%.

If he wants to make a profit of 20%. He must sell 8 pens for a rupee.

What symbol is used to denote ‘percentage’?

%’ symbol is used to denote the percentage

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