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Personality Development - The Traits, Theories And Methods

Safalta Expert Published by: Deepesh Mehra Updated Fri, 10 Sep 2021 12:32 AM IST


 Know all the relevant information related to Personality Development here with Safalta. Get the secret to a sound and attractive personality along steps to ensure Personality Development.
Personality Development is essentially the process of learning, relearning internal characteristics and behavioral patterns. Personality development is a dynamic concept which evolves with time. Having a sound personality and an attitude to adapt, learn and grow is often the distinguishing factor found amongst the most successful and accomplished individuals. Personality Development is a broad subject and encompasses daily routine, thought process, dress up and outlook towards life amongst many other things.  Steps to develop personality need to be planned and executed well in order to achieve the desired change in personality. It has to be a conscious process with well-defined goals and targets set. This space will cover the various aspects of personality and the time-tested methods and ways to Personality Development. If you are a school-going student who is looking for mentors to help you understand your subjects better, then join Safalta School Online

What are the Traits of Personality?

As per psychological and behavioral studies conducted in 1980, there are 5 aspects or traits of personalities across the culture. They are often referred to as Big 5 traits of personality. One should keep in mind the Big Five Traits and consciously work on their sub-parts in order to develop a personality.
  • extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)
  • agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. critical/rational)
  • openness to experience (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious)
  • conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. extravagant/careless)
  • neuroticism (sensitive/nervous vs. resilient/confident)
While one can lie in any of the above-mentioned categories they should aim at developing their personality towards the most desirable type. Generally energetic, friendly, curious, efficient and sensitive are the most desirable ones and found amongst the most successful.

Theories of Personality Development:

Like any subject of behavioral science, there are various theories related to Personality Development. The theories are based on the relative importance that scholars attach to a particular aspect or real-life situation in the development of personality. The theories of personality development are mentioned here in brief.

Psychoanalytic Theory

This theory consists of three main ideas that make up personality, the id, the ego, and the superego. The three traits control their own sections of the psyche. This theory was developed by Sigmund Freud. This gives importance to the Psychological aspects. As per this theory, what a person thinks and perceives is the most important for the development of personality.


Trait Theory

According to this theory, traits make up personality. Traits can be described as patterns of behaviour, thought, or emotion.

Social Cognitive Theory

This theory is related to the relationship between person-society. Personal interaction with other individuals, society, and nature creates experiences in which self-identification is organized in relation to the social environment. Man as a social animal is impacted by what happens around him.

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Evolutionary Theory Humanistic Theory

Caring forward the Darwinism in Personality Theories realizes the role of evaluation as per the situation. As per this theory, different personality types are the result of a selective process in order to ensure the survival of the fittest as per the need of different situations.

Lifespan Theory

As per this theory, most personality development occurs in childhood, stabilizing by the end of adolescence.

Humanistic Theory 

This realises the agency of humankind and the role of conscious choices towards the development of certain traits. Personality Development is given personal meaning and individual goals of achieving an ideal self.

We strongly believe that following humanistic theory a person can grow into a desired personality type. Agency of human beings and organisation culture often are decisive in Personality Development.

Methods For Personality Development

There are various methods for the development of personality. The steps are simple but demand consistency and discipline from individuals.  The steps that most likely lead to Personality Development are as follows:
  1. Be a better listener.
  2. Read more and expand your interests.
  3. Be a good conversationalist.
  4. Have an Opinion.
  5. Meet New People.
  6. Be yourself. 
  7. Have a positive outlook and attitude.
  8. Be fun and see the humorous side of life.

Books for Development of Personality Development 

Books are the most effective method of developing a personality. A new book is like getting fist hand experience of different things. Reading books brings multidimensionality in personality. At the same time lead to conscious introspection while showing the best way forward. The beat books as per us are:
  1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. By Richard Bach. 
  2. Think and Grow Rich. By Napoleon Hill. 
  3. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. By–well, Marcus Aurelius. 
  4. Steve Jobs. By Walter Isaacson. 
  5. Long Walk To Freedom. By Nelson Mandela. 
  6. Stop Acting Rich. 
  7. As You Think. 
  8. The Magic of Thinking Big.
  9. The 5 Am Club by Robin Sharma 
  10.  Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 
  11. The Little Book of Ikigai: The secret Japanese way to live a happy and long life 
As per Mahatma Gandhi “Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession.” One needs to accept gaps in personality realise that learning and growing is a lifelong process. Conscious efforts are sure to result in desirable Personality Development. 


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