Skill India Mission : An Initiative by Indian Government

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Check here about the Skill India Mission , its objectives , features and various schemes at .

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Skill India Mission

Skill India is a government initiative initiated in 2015 to educate around 40 million Indians in various industry-related occupations. On July 15, 2020, the 'Skill India Mission' celebrated its fifth anniversary. On the occasion of 'World Youth Skills Day,' Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised the need of learning the requisite skills to be job-ready in today's economy. Our country has one of the lowest percentages of skilled workers, at 4%, compared to 42% in the United States, 76% in Germany, 80% in Japan, and 96% in South Korea. So, in 2015, the government committed to bring resources to the average man's doorstep.A component of the Skill India Mission is to address skill development in India through a result-oriented framework linked with industry needs.


Additionally, Skill India enrollment is a straightforward online process that allows you to enrol as a trainer or a candidate. The Skill India Scheme is a wise initiative that contributes to the growth of the country. This is all there is to know about this mission.

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Table of content

What are the objectives of Skill India Mission ?

The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana is Skill India's principal skill development scheme. Its purpose is to inspire young people to pursue education so that they can earn a better livelihood. Under this plan, the government pays for evaluation and training fees, and people with prior expertise can be certified. Some key objectives are :
  • Participating in the Skill India Mission would provide job opportunities as well as a platform for our country's youth potential growth. 
  • Skill India Mission works with enterprises that have been desiring skill development for numerous years in order to explore new opportunities or sectors for skill development. 
  • This method contributes to reducing the skills gap between what the sector requires and what people have to offer in terms of job generation.
This strategy aids in closing the skills gap between what the industry requires and what people have for job creation.
  • Reducing poverty in the country
  • Increasing the competitiveness of Indian Businesses
  • By enrolling in Skill India Mission, you can ensure that skill training is relevant and are of quality.
  • Helping the Indian citizens to rule the manpower and resources in the market.
  • Diversification of existing skill development programs to meet today’s challenges.
  • Building actual competencies rather than giving people mere qualifications.
  • Building up opportunities for lifelong learning for developing skills.
  • Augmenting better and active engagement of social partners and building a strong public-private partnership in skill development.
  • Mobilizing adequate investments for financing skills development sustainability.

Components of Skill India Mission 

  1. Short-term training: This module trains college/school dropouts and unemployed people. People are empowered in areas such as soft skills, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship, as well as in compliance with the National Skills Qualification Framework. Kaushal and Rozgar Mela: This module encourages community participation in order to increase openness and accountability. 
  2. Individuals with prior experience are accredited and granted access to Bridge Courses to fill knowledge gaps. 
  3. Special projects: This feature of the system accommodates training programmes that deviate from the standard structure. 
  4. Monitoring guidelines: The system monitors the selected training centres to ensure that quality is maintained.
  5. Placement requirements: The system follows tight placement rules to ensure that skilled workers are guided into the appropriate profession based on market demands.

Skill India's Features

Some features of Skill India Mission  are :
  1. The most important component is the creation of a new "rural India plan." 
  2. The emphasis is on boosting the employability of young people in order to increase their employment and entrepreneurship skills. 
  3. All traditional occupations, such as cobblers, weavers, welders, masons, blacksmiths, nurses, and so on, are assisted, trained, and directed by the mission. 
  4. Skill India Mission focuses on industries where skills are weak, such as construction, transportation, real estate, gems industry, textiles, banking, design, tourism, and others. 
  5. The best part about joining Skill India Mission is that it adheres to international standards, guaranteeing that the demand for Indian young remains high even when they leave the country.
  6. For certain age groups, need-based programmes in communication, life and positive thinking skills, language skills, behavioural skills, management skills, and so on would be launched. 
  7. The educational methodology would be both traditional and novel. There would be games, brainstorming sessions, group discussions, case studies, and other activities.

Lists of Courses in Skill India Mission

Varous courses Offered in Skill India Mission are :
  • Financial statement analysis, modern office practise, marketing for managers, and other management and development programmes are available. 
  • Accreditation programme for EM trainers, technology infusion, and so forth. 
  • Women EDP, women empowerment, CRR scheme, and other entrepreneurship development programmes 
  • Skill development programmes, such as dairy-based ESP, carpentry, electroplating, and fashion design, among others. 
  • Other talents include micro-enterprise promotion, cluster development, finance techniques for MSMEs, and so on.

Various schemes schemes initiated by Government of India for skill development

  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  • Skills Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion (SANKALP)
  • Standard Training Assessment and Reward Scheme (STAR)
  • Polytechnic Schemes
  • Vocationalisation of Education
Mission for National Skill Development (NSDM) 
The NSDM was established in order to promote convergence in skills training operations across diverse industries and states. Apart from unifying and coordinating skilling activities, the mission would also ease decision making across sectors in order to accomplish large-scale quality skilling.

PMKVY stands for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) 
PMKVY is a skill certification scheme that intends to encourage the country's youthful people to pursue industry-relevant training and skill development.

Service for Skill Development in India
The Indian Skill Development Services (ISDS) is a new central government service designed exclusively for the training department of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. It is a Group 'A' service with the goal of greatly enhancing the government's skilling initiatives by vastly boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of the several programmes in this domain. The Indian Engineering Post Test administered by the UPSC is the qualifying exam for this job. The ISDS was established with the purpose of drawing young and talented people into the skill development field and ensuring the success of skilling programmes in the country.

2015 National Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Policy
This policy's principal purpose is to strike a balance between the challenge of scaled skilling and speed, standard (quality), and sustainability. It aims to create an overarching framework for all skilling efforts in India, aligning them with standard criteria and connecting skilling to demand centres. In addition to stating the goals and expected outcomes, the policy specifies the overall institutional structure that will be used to achieve the intended results.

Skill Loan Program 
This project would make loans ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.1.5 lakhs available to anybody interested in participating in skill development programmes. The scheme's purpose is to reduce financial barriers for anyone who want to upgrade or learn new skills.lls

What are the two main goals of the Skill India mission? 

The Skill India program's major goal is to give adequate training in market-relevant skills to over 40 crore youth by 2022. It also attempts to increase the overall scope and space for undeveloped industries by creating possibilities for talent development within the country.

What is the mission of Skill India? 

The Skill India Mission's major goal is to provide market-relevant skills training to over 40 million young people in the country by 2022. Enrolling in the Skill India Mission would create work possibilities and a space for the development of our Indian youth's ability.

What exactly is a skill loan scheme? 

The Skill Loan Scheme was launched in July 2015 to provide individuals with institutional credit for skill development courses aligned to National Occupations Standards and Qualification Packs and leading to a certificate/diploma/degree by training institutes in accordance with the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

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