Territorial Army Salary 2022: Check in-hand salary, allowances, payscale, and benefits

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Know the Territorial Army Salary 2022 along with the perks and Allowances. Get an idea of the Basic Pay and Growth Prospects of the Territorial Army. 

Do you know what is Territorial Army Syllabus is? The candidates who are willing to serve the nation join the Territorial Army receive salaries based on their post. Candidates must be aware of the Territorial army Salary along with other relevant details. The details related to the salary are as follows

  1. The salary ranges from Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 1,77,000 for the Lieutenant 
  2. For the Brigadier post. Rs. 1,39,600 to Rs. 2,17,600.
  3.  An increment is done after the service duration of 1 year.

The candidates joining the Territorial Army are benefited career growth as well as major perks and benefits like DA, HRA, TA, and Medical allowances. Along with the basic salary, the candidates are also benefited in terms of career growth. The candidates can be promoted to higher post to Brigadier. The basic job profile, Territorial Army Salary 2021, Career growth, etc are listed below on this page. If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, you can check out our daily FREE Current Affairs.  

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Territorial Army Salary

The candidates opt for the Territorial Army because of their passion to serve the nation and the salary structure which ranges from Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 1,77,000 for the Lieutenant and Rs. 1,39,600 to Rs. 2,17,600 for the Brigadier post along with the perks and benefits. The In-hand salary of the candidates who join initially in the Territorial Army is Rs. 56,000 which is served as per the 7th pay commission of the Central Government. Apart from this, the Territorial Army staffs are also allowed with major allowances as listed below:-

  • Dearness Allowances

  • House Rental Allowances

  • Medical Allowances

  • Travel Allowance

The pay scale for all the levels of Territorial Army has been listed below:-






Level 10

Rs.56100-Rs. 177500

Rs. 15500


Level 10 A

Rs. 61300-Rs. 193900

Rs. 15500


Level 11

Rs. 69400-Rs. 207200

Rs. 15500

Lt. Colonel

Level 12 A

Rs. 121200-Rs. 212400



Level 13

Rs. 130600-Rs. 215900



Level 13 A

Rs. 139600-Rs. 217600


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Territorial Army Job Profile

The primary job of the territorial army is to relieve the regular army from non-combat roles. They are often entrusted with roles like supplies, intelligence gatherings, and other roles. The territorial Army often works hand in hand with the police force towards the protection of the countrymen. They are also entrusted with the job of National security when needed.

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Territorial Army Salary FAQs

Ques 1: How much does a Territorial Army make per month?

Ans 1:  A Territorial Army makes at least  Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 1,77,000 for the Lieutenant and Rs. 1,39,600 to Rs. 2,17,600 for the Brigadier post.

Ques 2:What is the basic salary of a Territorial Army?

Ans 2: The basic salary of a Territorial Army is Rs.56,000. 

Ques 3:Which is the minimum pay scale for a Territorial Army in any Indian bank?

Ans 3: The minimum pay scale for a Territorial Army is Rs 56,000.

Ques 4:Do you get a salary after the Territorial Army exam?

Ans 4: No salary is only received once the candidate joins the department as a Territorial Army.

Ques5:Is there any career growth for the Territorial Army?

Ans 5: Yes, the candidates can be promoted from Lieutenant post to Brigadier post.