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There are many different personality factors, and these have been grouped in numerous ways. These variables have been grouped by McClelland into four main categories: characteristics (acquired propensity to respond), scheme (belies, frames of reference, major orientations, concepts, and values), motives (inner drives), and self-schema (observation of one's own conduct). Similar to this, Scott and Mitchell have categorised a number of variables into heredity, groups, and cultural influences, both physiological and psychological aspects that have a significant impact on human personality. These elements are linked and dependent on one another. However, these can be divided into four general types for analysis purposes: Biological Factors, Family and Social Factors , Cultural Factors and Situational Factors.In addition, you can also check out our CUCET English E-book- download for free.
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Table of Content

  1. Biological Factors 
  2. Family and Social Factors
  3. Cultural Factors
  4. Situational Factors

Determining Factors of personality 

Biological Factors 

(1) Heredity : The elements that were predetermined at conception are referred to be hereditary.


Physical appearance, temperament, level of energy, and biological rhythms are qualities that, collectively with one's biological, physiological, and inborn psychological make up, are typically impacted by one's parents. According to the heredity perspective, a person's personality is determined by the molecular structure of their chromosomal genes.

(2) Brain : The function of a person's brain has an impact on personality as another biological aspect. Despite some encouraging advances in research, psychologists are unable to demonstrate scientifically how the human brain influences personality. The study of the brain may lead to a greater understanding of human nature and behaviour, according to preliminary findings from electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) research.

(3)Physical characteristics : It has been demonstrated that a person's personality is significantly influenced by his outward appearance. In line with Paul H. Mussen "A child's physical traits may influence how he interacts with others, what they expect of him, and how they respond to him. These, in turn, might affect how a person develops their personality." A girl or boy that is maturing quickly or slowly may experience various physical and social conditions and activities, respectively. According to psychologists, a person's personality will also be influenced by their differing rates of maturation.

Family and Social Factors

The family is likely to have the biggest influence on early personality development. A significant body of empirical research suggests that, in addition to their direct impact, the parents' total home environment shapes how children develop into their personalities. For instance, children raised by parents in a warm, loving, and interesting environment are considerably less likely to be socially and emotionally maladjusted than children raised in a chilly, uninspiring home. In the self-identification probes, which are crucial to a person's early development, parents play a significant influence. A child copies their parents' or their neighbour's behaviour during their formative years. Therefore, it is the family's duty for all adults who interact with the child directly to behave in an ideal manner.The family shapes a child's character through examples, encouragement, reinforcement, rewards, and punishment. The following elements also affect the type of family influence:
  1. Race
  2. Religion
  3. Parents educational level
  4. Geographic location
  5. Socioeconomic status of the family
  6. Family size
  7. Birth order and siblings
Social interactions throughout a person's life, beginning with playmates in childhood, are related to social influences. While early environmental interactions have a longer-lasting impact on behavioural and psychological patterns, later social interactions and group membership continue to have a significant impact on an individual's life. "A man is recognised by the company he maintains," is a true statement. A baby gets socialised when, out of the incredibly diverse range of behavioural potentialities that are available to him at birth, he learns the behaviour patterns that are expected and acceptable by his family and social groups. The socialisation process begins with the mother's first interactions with her newborn child.

Later, social groups and other family members may have an impact on the socialisation process. Along with family members, other influences on behaviour include friends, coworkers, associations, and groups to which an individual belongs. Such behaviours are a reflection of a person's personality, and social influences—both within and outside the workplace—continue to have an impact on people's personalities and behaviours throughout their lives.

Cultural Factors 

Hoebel claims that culture is the "sum total of learned behavioural traits that are manifested and shared by the members of the society." Culture is a particular set of perceptions, beliefs, values, norms, patterns of behaviour, and a code of conduct that shapes how people behave in a particular society. The culture in which a person is raised significantly affects his or her personality. Each culture expects and teaches its members to act in ways that are acceptable to the group, according to Mussen.

Researchers were unable to demonstrate a linear relationship between the ideas of "personality" and "culture" despite the significance of culture on personality. People who are born into a certain culture are exposed to the current values, beliefs, and standards of that society with regard to what constitutes acceptable behaviour. Such cultures would also outline the mechanisms by which these behaviours are rewarded. For instance, the American cultural environment rewards a spirit of independence, aggression, and competition, whereas the Japanese cultural environment rewards attitudes of cooperation and teamwork. Similar to how cultural influences lead to more impersonal and functional authority in American organisations, managers actively participate in their employees' personal life in Japanese culture.

Situational Factors

An individual interacts with a variety of constantly changing conditions every day. Although generally constant and steady, a person's personality might alter depending on the circumstances. Different facets of a person's personality are brought forth by the various demands of various circumstances. A person's behaviour is either encouraged or discouraged by their environment. It includes a lot of elements that influence one's personality, including freedom challenges, competition, encouragement, facilities, risk and uncertainties, participation training, relationships, support, leadership style, rewarding and punishing system, different kinds of work groups, place of employment, natural climate/atmosphere, etc.

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