Crack NDA 2020: Army Heroes from NDA, Pune who scripted History

26 August, 2020

Source: amar ujala
Indian Army is one of the world’s 4th largest army. Indian soldiers are the definition of Bravery, Pride and Patriotism. Indian Army has given birth to many such brave martyrs who have laid down their lives to protect the pride of our country. Read on to know about the valiant deeds of some Army Heroes from National Defence Academy Pune. They indeed are an inspiration for many youngsters who wish to serve in Indian Army.

1. Major Som Nath Sharma, PVC: He is known for his bravery in the “Battle of Badgam”. Maj. Som Nath Sharma, while commanding ‘D’ Coy,4 KUMAON, laid down his life, defending the Badgam Airfield and became the first recipient of the Param Vir Chakra. Before his death he had sent the following memorable message to his Brigade Headquaters:

“The enemy are only 50 yards from us. We are heavily outnumbered. We are under devastating fire. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to the last man and the last round!”

The nation paid a befitting tribute by posthumously awarding the first ever Param Vir Chakara of Independent India to Major Som Nath Sharma.

2. Captain Vikram Batra: He was one such brave soldier of India known for his valour during the 1999 Kargil war. Captain Vikram Batra was awarded with India’s highest award for Bravery  Param Veer Chakra posthumously. He was born on 9 September 1974 and  martyred for the country in 1999  Kargil battle. He was commissioned as lieutenant into the 13th battalion Jammu and Kashmir Rifiles (13 JAK RIF). When he was celebrating Holi vacations in his home and was called for fighting the battle in Kargil these were his words to his family members, “I'll either come back after raising the Indian flag in victory or return wrapped in it. But I'll come back for sure.” He is also known by the name of “Sher Shah”. He fought the enemy forces and India won back the “Tiger Hills”. On the victory on Tiger hills his words were “ Yeh dil Maange More!” ( this heart wants more). However, he sacrificed his life whiling capturing the peak Point 4875. India would not have won the Kargil War without   this real hero of the country.

3. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan: He joined NDA ,Pune in 1995 . He was commissioned as lieutenant to 7th Battalion of the Bihar Regiment. He served Special Action Group of the National Security Guards.He led the commando operation started on 27November,2008 to fight the terrorists who were inside the Hotel Taj Mahal ,Mumbai. He rescued 14 hostages. He also saved the life of one of his teammates who was badly injured. This martyr sacrificed his life during the Mumbai Attacks of 2008. His last words were, ”Do not come up, I will handle them.” He received one of the highest gallantry awards  Ashok Chakra posthumously.

4. Field Marshall Sam Maneshaw: He served as the 8th  Chief of Army Staff in Independent India.He got selected in the first batch of IMA. His batch was called the “Pioneers” because it produced three chief of army staff. He has also fought as captain during WW II in 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment in Burma in 1942. He led as the chief of Army Staff in the Indo- Pak war of 1971.However he was not very apprehensive about this war. When Prime Minister Indira  Gandhi told her about the war, he said the following words,”If we got to war right now, I can guarantee you 100 % defeat. Shall I sign in my resignation?” He was such a farsighted person. After the war he was promoted to the rank of Field Marshall. He was the first Field Marshall of India. He was also the recipient of many honours such as Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhushan, General Service Medal, Indian Service Medal and Indian Independence Medal. He had done great works towards the Indian restricting Army from the system of reservations.

5. Wing Commander Abhinandan: He was born on 21 June 1983 in Thirupanamoor,Tamil Naidu. He is an Indian Fighter Pilot. He was held captive during the 2019 Air Strike (Stand Off) on Pakistan. He was tortured by Pakistan. His videos and images were shared on whatsapp and various other social media platforms. He was held captive for 2 and half days. However, under Geneva Convention he was released shortly. He is the recipient of gallantry award Vir Chakra.

The history of Indian Army epitomizes its tradition of courage, devotion, fortitude, camaraderie and resolve. Many of the of the brave sons of our motherland have attained martyrdom while fighting for India.


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