Mission NDA 2020: How to get Selected in First Attempt

26 August, 2020

Source: amar ujala
If the idea of joining Nation’s Defence Services fascinates you then you must be aspiring to crack the National Defence Academy exam. National Defence Academy renders Indian youth with an opportunity to join country’s armed forces by providing them with wholesome training in 3 wings: Indian Armed Services, Naval services and Indian Air force.  It is the dream of lakhs of students who appear for this test annually but clearing NDA paper is not a child’s play. It demands hard work and sincerity. But once done, you will have a good job, you will feel proud in what you do and you will also gain societal reorganisation.

National Defence Academy exam is conducted twice every year by UPSC. The most authentic source to get information about NDA registration, NDA eligibility criteria, NDA results, etc is UPSC’s official website. To apply for NDA exam you can visit https://upsconline.nic.in/. Anybody within the age limit of 16.5 to 19.5 years can appear for this exam.  However, only the students that have science in their 12th can aim for Indian Navy and Indian Air force. Indian army can be applied for by anyone irrespective of their educational background in 12th.

Being an NDA aspirant all of you must be wondering how to clear NDA exam in first attempt itself? NDA exam can be passed in the very first attempt if you follow the right direction, study smartly and use tricks to solve questions. To get entry to National Defence Academy you need to clear both the written NDA exam as well as the Service Selection Board interview.

Today I will share some tips that will help you crack your NDA exam in the first attempt.

First of all, you need to have an understanding of the NDA syllabus and NDA exam pattern. Your written exam consists of 2 parts i.e. Mathematics section carries 300 marks and General Ability Test carries 600 marks. Now, you need to follow the right approach to score maximum marks in both sections.

Mathematics: This section will test your problem solving skills on various topics like percentages, trigonometry, etc. This section is the toughest to clear because it requires speed to solve questions. So, the trick here is: If any question takes more than 2minutes to solve, leave it and move to next. You will also get some questions on equations and variables. Such questions can be solved using hit and trial method. Since, NDA exam is fully objective you can choose options and try to fit them in question to get the right answer. This will save time.

In addition to that, you will really need to increase your calculation speed because no calculators are allowed in the NDA exam. Rather than learning formulas by heart try to understand the concept lying beneath. This will help you to memorize them easily. Try solving as many questions as possible.
Challenge yourself! Don’t feel afraid to solve varieties of questions. Remember, Practice makes you perfect.

While solving previous year NDA question papers, note the type of questions that are repeated the most number of times. Gain mastery on them.

Analyze your progress at regular intervals by solving mock tests. Focus more on weaker sections.

You can also join course https://www.safalta.com/online-practice-special-batch-nda-na for NDA coaching. Here, you will be provided with all the relevant study material, live and recorded classes, problem solving sessions and much more.

General Abilities Test: This section further consists of sub parts:

A. English: English carries 200 marks out of 600 marks. English, you get in NDA exam is not that tough. All you need to do is practice daily. Read articles, journals, newspapers, comprehensions, etc to improve your English.  Practice topics like: synonyms, antonyms, proverbs etc. You can easily score 120+ marks if you have a decent command over English language.

B. General Knowledge: It carries remaining 400 marks. This section will test your knowledge of physics, chemistry, general science, history, geography and current events. Depending on your educational background you need to identify the sections you are confident about and the sections that require more effort to be put in.

You can note down the important topics that appear every year in exam and get mastery over them.

For current affairs I would suggest you keep last month for preparation because this section carries only 40 marks. Just follow some online YouTube channel or any other course and go through all affairs that took place in last few months.

Standard Physical requirements: Apart from your knowledge of subjects you will also need to pass the physical fitness criteria. You can learn more about it from UPSC’s official website.

SSB Interview: Once you have passed the written NDA exam you will have to appear for Service Selection Board Interview. If you want to pass it, start grooming your personality and develop officer like qualities such as leadership, confidence and good communication skills. Increase your social exposure by engaging more in society. Develop the habit of reading.

To conclude, be consistent in your studies and implement the above mentioned things in your life. Eat healthy and do not compromise your sleep. Only 4-5 hours of concentrated study per day is enough to crack NDA exam.

For more information and guidance visit www.safalta.com ! Safalta.com also offers you with a NDA training program where you can train with the best faculty by just paying a minimal fee. The course is quite flexible and you can watch tutorial videos whenever and wherever you wish. Trainers will provide you with mock tests, practice questions, etc. You will also learn tips and tricks to solve most commonly occurring questions in the NDA exam. Moreover, a special telegram group will also be created to keep you updated on various current affairs and other topics.


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