10 Ways To Improve Your English Vocabulary

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Check out the 10 ways in which you can improve your English vocabulary here at Safalta.com.

The English language is frequently devoid of both rhyme and logic. It's chock-full of synonyms, homophones, homonyms, and other perplexing words that make learning it appear extremely difficult. Fortunately, you may expand your English vocabulary using the same five methods you used to acquire your first language: reading, listening, writing, watching, and chatting. Also check out this course- English speaking Classes before you read further on how to improve your English Vocabulary. One of the easiest ways to bolster your existing writing skills is to add new words to your written vocabulary. The English language is among the most voluminous of all languages, and this means that you’ll never run out of vocabulary words to learn and use. All forms of the written word—from fiction to journalism to essay writing to poetry—benefit from a strong vocabulary. To that end, the time you spend improving your vocabulary skills is actually time invested in your writing skills.


Reading is a wonderful way to learn new words. Because reading is a one-person activity, you can really take your time with a new word and work out its meaning and usage.  

1. Popular literature

Reading illustrated books, such as comics and children’s books, will offer you graphical clues to help you learn new words.

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Plus, if you’re reading popular books, there’s a good chance that you can find a translation to your own language as well.

2. Relevant blog posts

Reading blog posts about subjects and hobbies you enjoy in English is a great way to familiarize yourself with new English words and will keep your interest.



Listening is how we first learn words as a child and can profoundly impact how we learn to pronounce and use new words. There are lots of ways to learn by listening.

3. Music

Music is a fun way to learn new words while immersing yourself in the popular culture of English-speaking countries.

Find music in genres you like and listen along for words you know.

4. (Virtual) events

Attend events in English, like plays, sports matches, and exhibitions, to listen for new words.

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In the age of the internet, writing has become essential to learning and using a new language. Because of the one-sided nature of writing, it’s helpful to have a digital writing assistant like Grammarly, on your side to help your words flow easily. 

5. Journaling

Keep a journal of your day in English. This is an easy way to incorporate new vocabulary into sentences and to check your understanding of any new words.

6. Vocabulary building

Learn to look for synonyms. If you want to expand your vocabulary, you’ll have to push yourself to use new words. Grammarly has a feature that can help you learn new synonyms and find just the right word to communicate effectively.

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Learn how a new word is used by watching someone use it in context. You’ll learn about the different contexts that may surround a new word as well as the gestures and mannerisms that often accompany it. 

7. Movies and TV

Watching movies is a casual way to learn words. Similar to reading illustrated books, you get the perk of visual cues, while also benefiting from hearing how the word is usually pronounced. Tip: Combine your listening and reading skills by turning on the closed captioning in English, which can be a helpful way to visualize the words being spoken aloud.

8. People-watching

Watch people conversing around you in the world. How are they using their words? What can you learn about the words they’re using by observing the relationships of the people and their mannerisms?

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How can you improve your English Vocabulary?

Read this complete article above for knowing the ways on how to improe your English vocabulary.

How to speak English fluently?

Slow down, act confident, emphasise, practise, and keep going if you want to speak English well and fluently. If you follow these steps, we're convinced you'll be able to wow others with your fluency! 

How to learn English step-by-step?

You must be certain that it is a compelling reason. After you've completed this, write it down and keep it with you. Learning to speak English can be difficult, but don't give up when we can easily learn English step-by-step. With enough practice and the right resources, you can start speaking English confidently.

What are the tips for improving spoken English?

A smartphone can be an effective language learning tool. Use it to record yourself speaking and then listen to the recording to hear how your English sounds to others. To organise your practise time and keep track of all the new words you learn, use all of your favourite productivity applications.

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