What is the role of Social media in our life, the top Advantage & Disadvantages

Safalta expert Published by: Kushagra Singh Updated Fri, 18 Nov 2022 07:05 PM IST

It is a collection of several technologies that enable people all over the world to exchange information, ideas, and projects.But the question is whether, despite its numerous benefits, it is still beneficial to people's health. Social media, in my opinion, hurts people's mental and physical health all over the world. In today's society, social media has touched the lives of everyone, whether they are two years old or sixty. It has become an essential element of a person's existence, without which they cannot function. Life gets dull, and everything around them becomes bland.

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Even if a child is weeping, they will be attracted to the amused songs or other movies to help them stop crying. People's physical health has been greatly impacted by social media, as they sit with their phones or other devices for lengthy periods, limiting their physical movement. It also encourages eye damage due to extended exposure to displays.

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The bright sight of social media

These days technology usage is unavoidable.

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So, rather than keeping away from it, we should learn to live with it and make the use of most of it. It increases the bar for efficiency, productivity, and safety to levels that people alone cannot achieve. It will also not be the first time that technology will cause a shift in employment. History has shown that technology has been more of a job generator than a job destroyer. The industrial sector throughout the world is embracing technology to improve efficiency and production. Machines can reduce the creation of defective items as well as the manufacturing time. However, if unskilled and semi-skilled laborers stay uninformed and untrained, they may lose their jobs. However, if they improve their skills through training and development programs, they will have more career prospects. Workers will have additional job options if their occupation is computerized to some extent. Automation will help them as long as they can learn to use the new tools.

The top advantage of social media

  • Global interconnection.
  • The ideal location for great purposes.
  • A fantastic educational tool.
  • Updates and information
  • Every day, you should provide a lot of information.
  • Participate in a group.
  • Drive visitors to your website.
  • Availability of paid ads services.

Global connectivity

One of the most well-known benefits of social media is that it has allowed for better worldwide communication. Through social media, it is now possible to communicate with individuals from all over the world. Social media may also be used to communicate enormous volumes of information, build relationships, and facilitate worldwide connections. There is no question that social media has helped to strengthen ties all around the world.

What are the top  disadvantages of social media?
There are some disadvantages of Social media or bad sight of social media as below

 Trouble with privacy

When it comes to the benefits and drawbacks of social media, the problem with privacy is perhaps one of the most significant. Some of the drawbacks of regular social media use include tweeting incorrect material, exposing too much of your daily life to a huge audience, and accidentally sharing your online location.
Inadequate emotional connection

The quality of discussion on social media is frequently unpleasant since it is impossible to detect another person's interest or expression. Furthermore, there is a limit to sending messages on social media sites while celebrating significant occasions and relationship milestones.

Cyberbullying is one of the most deterimental features of regular social media use, ranking first on the list of drawbacks.

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