Salary Of Government Officials In India: Prime Minister, President, Governor and MP all the details here!

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Do you know what is the salary of our President and Prime Minister? If not then read this article to get all the details related to their salary.

The Indian Politicians are allotted their salaries by the Parliament of India. The Prime Minister, President, and Vice-President all are getting paid for their roles and responsibilities as we all get paid for our job. The Prime Minister’s salary and other minister’s salaries are decided by the Parliament under Article 75 of the Indian Constitution. Moreover, the Prime Minister gets his salary revised from time to time. The original remunerations of the Prime Minister were specified in Part B of the 2nd Schedule of the Indian Constitution and it was removed later by the amendment.

Government representatives like Prime ministers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Governors, and MLAs' salaries are decided by the Parliament of India. According to the Prime Minister of India, his basic salary per month is Rs.160,000. And the annual income of the prime minister is 19.92 lakhs. His basic salary is Rs.50,000 with the sumptuary allowances of rs.3000, MP allowances of Rs.45,000, and daily allowances of Rs.62,000. Also, the President of India gets a salary of Rs. 1 lakh 50 thousand per month. He has a basic pay of Rs.50,000, Rs. 60,000 per month as other allowances, Rs. 45,000 per month as parliamentary constituency allowance.

However, Prakash Javdekar, the Broadcast Minister announced in 2020 that there is a 30% deduction in the salary of President, Prime Minister, governor, and MPs as approved by the cabinet. However, Indian Politicians are always in the news for the work they are doing for our country. Also, some of us are always curious to know what exactly the Indian politicians get as their salary. Hence, in this article, we will be discussing what is the salary of Indian Prime Minister, President, and other politicians in India. May Month Free Current Affairs Magazine DOWNLOAD NOW
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1. President: Ram Nath Kovind

This is a question we all have in our mind What is the salary of President of India. The salary of Indian President is given under the law ‘President’s Achievement and Pension Act, 1951. Moreover, the President of India is a government official with the highest salary. President’s salary was increased from Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs.5,00,000 per month in the year 2018. They also get other facilities like trains, accommodation, air and rail travel, telephone, security, medical, Boeing 777-300ERs aircraft with IAF pilots, insurance, and 340 room Rashtrapati Bhavan accommodation.

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2. Vice President- M. Venkaiah Naidu

The salary of the Vice president is given under the law ‘Salaries and Allowances of Parliament Officers Act, 1953. Moreover, the Vice President’s salary was also increased from Rs.1,25,000 to Rs.4,00,000 per month. Apart from India President Salary other facilities like transport, housing, and medical treatment are also given all at government expense. In case of sudden death, impeachment or resignation of the President of India, the vice president hold his/her position.

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3. Prime Minister- Narendra Modi

Can you guess what is the salary of Prime minister of India? The salary of Indian Prime Minister includes a basic salary of an MP i.e. Rs.160,000 per month. his basic salary per month is Rs.160,000. And the annual income of the prime minister is 19.92 lakhs. His basic salary is Rs.50,000 with the sumptuary allowances of Rs.3000, MP allowances of Rs.45,000, daily allowances of Rs.62,000, transport, housing, and health facilities. Also, the government of India provides a residence in Delhi, Boeing 777-300ERs aircraft with IAF pilots, transport, special security, and health insurance.