WhatsApp Alerts to Stay Informed About the World

SAFALTA EXPERT Published by: Vikrant Updated Tue, 11 Oct 2022 11:24 AM IST

Table of content:
1) Why Whatsapp is popular 
2) New WhatsApp Update 

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows users to exchange text, voice, and video messages, basically it is a messaging app that helps us to connect with our loved one and others which help us in our daily lives to communicate and connect with each other from a different place with the help of the internet. It is simple, efficient, and available on almost every mobile platform. But what sets it apart from other messaging apps is its end-to-end encryption, which means that your messages are private and cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipient. Click here to buy a course on Graphic Designing- Graphic Designing Specialization Course  

New WhatsApp Update 
WhatsApp regularly gets updated accordingly to the need of the users, here we will try to discuss everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp updates.
In our daily life, we all use WhatsApp in some manner If you are one of the billion people using WhatsApp, you might be surprised to know that the app has a lot of features that you probably don’t know about. For example, did you know that you can set up alerts for when specific people come online? Yes, this is one of the features available there, here will discuss this type of feature and the security measures available on WhatsApp. If you are a regular WhatsApp user, then you might be aware of the new WhatsApp feature that allows you to set up custom alerts for specific chats.

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This feature is very useful if you want to be notified whenever someone in a particular chat sends you a message.

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a) The app also lets users share photos, videos, and documents. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to receive alerts when they receive a message from a particular contact. This feature is especially useful for people who are often not able to check their WhatsApp messages in a timely manner. With the WhatsApp Alert feature, they can be sure to never miss an important message.

b) WhatsApp users are being warned of a new scam that could trick them into handing over their personal information. There are many scams going on the platform to fraud you or to collect your personal information through which the scammers can scam you easily. However, lots of fake websites are also designed to collect personal information from users.

Today WhatsApp has improved many features in them to maintain its user’s security because there are many cases that occurred related to personal information leaked to the users of WhatsApp. But WhatsApp has upgraded with lots of new security measures that have given their users a secure and better option to continue on this platform.

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