7 Best Sale funnels with examples in digital marketing

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Mon, 17 Oct 2022 11:08 PM IST


A digital marketing sales funnel is a collection of marketing strategies used to attract clients to your business and nurture them so they become devoted supporters of your brand. For automating the conversion of website visitors into paying clients, funnels are crucial.

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Table of Content

Essentials of Sales Funnels
1. Tripwire Funnel
2. Product Launch Sales Funnel
3. The Webinar Funnel
4. The Facebook Advertising Funnel
5. The Instagram Influencer Funnel
6. The Upsell Funnel

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The Free Plus Shipping Funnel">7. The Free Plus Shipping Funnel

One of the most crucial components of online marketing is the sales funnel, but it's also one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood. Simply said, a sales funnel is a process that takes a potential consumer from learning about your product or service to showing interest in it and then making a purchase. However, not every sale funnel is made equal.

An effective sales funnel can make the difference between a company that thrives and one that finds it difficult to make ends meet. To help you decide which strategy is best for your company, we'll look at some of the top sales funnel examples for 2022 in this blog post.

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Essentials of Sales Funnels

A few important concepts related to sales are necessary to understand.

Lead is the first word. A person who has expressed interest in what you're offering is what is meant by the term "lead." Although they might not be prepared to buy just yet, they showed enough curiosity to provide you with their contact information.

You should be familiar with the word "funnel" next. A funnel is a path that takes a potential consumer from being a lead to making a purchase.

One thing to bear in mind when developing a sales funnel is that it must be customised to the particular goods or services you offer. It's possible that what works for one business won't for another. Remember that in addition to that, you can also build a sales pipeline.

Typical characteristics of effective sales funnels include:
  • A firm proposal The most important and initial stage in your funnel is this one. If you have an appealing offer that would encourage individuals to purchase from you, it is a terrific idea.
  • A well-designed landing page is crucial since it will be the first thing visitors will see when they arrive at your website.
  • A series of emails for follow-up: You need to send an email follow-up once someone signs up for your freebie or buys something from you in order to retain their business.

1. Tripwire Funnel

One of the most well-known examples of a sales funnel is the tripwire funnel. Its name refers to the notion of a tripwire as an inducement for customers to make a purchase. The goal is to entice your audience into your direct sales funnel by providing them with a free item (the tripwire).

A tripwire could be something that is given away for free or that is inexpensive and supplied at a discount. The secret is to offer something so alluring that clients can't help but purchase your primary offering.

The tripwire funnel also focuses on persuading customers to purchase a low-cost item so that you can upsell them later.

How to build a tripwire funnel

Find a low-cost item that your target market would be interested in first. This item could be a report, mini-course, or an electronic book. Create a landing page once you have located your low-cost item, then direct traffic there using your email list or social media accounts.

Include a promotional offer for a more expensive product on the landing page. It might be a coaching programme, online course, or any other kind of product. Your average order value and income can go up if you promote a pricey product on the landing page.

The Tripwire Funnel's ability to be applied to both B to C and B to B enterprises is one of its most vital features. Building brand awareness and trust with potential clients is also a terrific idea.

Therefore, if you're looking for a sales funnel that will enable you to close more deals, the Tripwire Funnel is something to take into account.

Using the tripwire sales funnel, you can sell a variety of goods and services regardless of the sector you decide to work in. The most typical examples include a trial consultation, a limited time to utilise particular software, a sample version of the main product, etc.


For instance, if you go to its website of Adobe, you can sign up for a free trial that allows you to use the paid version for free for a few days. In this approach, the company's software features become addictive, and you may later decide to continue with the monthly subscription.

2. Product Launch Sales Funnel

Businesses utilise a product launch sales funnel as part of their strategy to raise awareness of and interest in a new good or service. Prior to release, a product launch funnel seeks to generate interest in and excitement for the new product. Through marketing and advertising, the process usually starts with raising awareness of the good or service, then moves on to producing leads and turning those leads into customers.

How to launch a product successfully Selling funnel

First, they use social media and marketing activities to raise awareness of the new product.
They then continue to pique curiosity by providing more details about the product and its benefits.
Offering pre-orders or early access to the product is their final strategy for generating interest.
Sales funnels for product launches can be used to successfully increase buzz and boost sales. They can, however, be costly and time-consuming to produce. Before choosing whether to use a product launch funnel for your company, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.

Apple is an expert at creating sales funnels for new products. They create a tonne of hype each time they introduce a new iPad or iPhone. As a result, they wait in line around the block to purchase Apple's newest products. People are more likely to buy when there is a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) created by this strategy.

3. The Webinar Funnel

An excellent technique to create leads and sales is through webinars. They are among the best marketing techniques available. It's a fantastic technique to raise the perceived value of your goods and generate interest in your deal.

Because people are inherently more drawn to watching video material than reading a text about a product's specifications, webinars are very effective at acquiring leads. Additionally, 20% to 40% of those who participate in a webinar session divulge information and become potential prospects, while only about 5% actually wind up purchasing the good or service.
The goal of the webinar funnel is to attract attendees so you can later sell them items.

How to build a webinar funnel

To do this, you must produce a valuable webinar for your target audience. Create a landing page when your webinar is over and direct traffic to it using your email list or social media accounts.

The next stage is to come up with an alluring offer. The incentive for individuals to sign up for your webinar could be in the form of a discount, bonus, or some other kind of offer.

It's time to advertise your webinar after you have your offer. You can accomplish this via paid advertising, social media, email marketing, or any other sort of marketing that suits your needs.

It's time to fulfil your promise after people sign up for your webinar. This is when you will add value and establish a connection with your audience. You can give them a product or service to assist them in resolving an issue or achieving their objective at the conclusion of your webinar.

By conducting a successful webinar, you can eventually produce more leads and sales. Ensure that the landing page has an opt-in form so that visitors may register for your webinar. You can begin promoting goods and services during your webinar once people have registered for it.

4. The Facebook Advertising Funnel

One of the best examples of a sales funnel is the Facebook Advertising Funnel, which enables companies to target a certain group with extreme precision.

You may design ad campaigns that target people based on their interests, demographics, and behaviours when you use the Facebook Advertising Funnel. This strategy makes it simple to divide your audience into several groups and develop messages that are relevant to each group.

The Facebook Advertising Funnel is also very successful due to its low cost per click, which will be between $0.50 and $2.00 in 2022. It implies that by using this selling funnel example, you can obtain a lot for your money.

Consequently, the Facebook Advertising Funnel is a fantastic solution if you're seeking a productive strategy to reach your target demographic.

Advertisement Funnel Stages

Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion are the three steps of the traditional Facebook advertising funnel.
  • In the first stage of the funnel, awareness, you introduce your brand to potential customers. People become familiar with your business and your offerings at this phase.
  • People who are interested in your product or service are in the second stage of the funnel, consideration. They might make comparisons between you and other businesses or goods they are thinking about.
  • The third stage of the funnel is called conversion, and it is where customers really act and make a purchase.


Here is an illustration of how each level of the funnel can appear in a Facebook advertisement:

You might run an advertisement that introduces your business and what you have to offer during the awareness phase.
You might run an advertisement comparing your product to competing goods during the consideration stage.
At the conversion stage, you might display an advertisement with a unique promotion or discount.
You can improve your sales funnel and raise your chances of closing a deal by developing advertising that targets customers at each level of the funnel.

The goal of the Facebook advertising funnel is to entice users to click on your ad and visit your landing page. To do this, you must build a premium advertisement that targets your ideal client. Send traffic to a well-designed landing page once your advertisement is complete. Include an opt-in form or an incentive on the landing page to increase conversion rates.

5. The Instagram Influencer Funnel

The goal of the Instagram influencer funnel is to drive traffic to your website by getting people to view your product or service on Instagram.

To do this, you must track down well-known Instagram influencers in your industry who have a sizable following. Once you have identified a few influencers, get in touch with them and inquire about their interest in marketing your good or service.

Send them a sample of your product if they accept, and ask them to publish it on their Instagram page. Additionally, make sure that the post contains a link to your website so that readers who might be interested in your company can access it.

How to build an influencer funnel

The first stage in this funnel is to increase your Instagram following. You have a variety of options, including running advertisements or marketing your page on other social media networks. Once you establish a fan base, you can begin collaborating with brands as an influencer.

You will need to market yourself to companies and brands that you believe would be a good fit for your page in order to achieve this. They typically offer you goods or services to market in exchange for payment if they are interested.

Promoting goods and services that your followers are interested in can help you monetize your page. This is where the sales funnel comes into play. Additionally, you can earn more money the more followers you have.

On Instagram, there are a few various ways to advertise things, such as sponsored posts and stories. Additionally, you may use affiliate links, which entitles you to a commission for any purchase made after clicking on your link.

Anyone with an Instagram account can utilise this funnel, which is a terrific feature. You can start making money by endorsing goods and services that your followers will adore, regardless of how many or how few followers you have.

6. The Upsell Funnel

Another excellent method for drawing potential consumers is the upsell funnel because it is so successful at boosting sales.

When you give a customer a more expensive version of a product they are already interested in, this is known as an upsell. For instance, you can try to upsell someone who is considering purchasing a digital camera to a more expensive model with more features.

Upselling has the power to significantly raise average order value and increase overall sales. However, it's crucial to make sure you're not going overboard or attempting to pitch the customer on something they're not interested in.

Offering customers more goods or services after they make a purchase is a wonderful strategy to improve revenue per client.

In the software or service industries, businesses frequently employ this funnel.

How to build an upsell funnel

When a consumer makes a purchase from your online store, there is an upsell offer for a different good or service that might be interesting to them. If customers decide to take you up on the offer, they buy something else, increasing the average order value.

An excellent strategy to raise your income and earnings is via upselling. However, it only functions if you have worthwhile offers and high-quality goods that buyers will want to purchase.

There are various techniques to upsell, including:

displaying products that buyers might also be interested in and providing discounts or coupons for further purchases
Cross-promoting related goods

7. The Free Plus Shipping Funnel

One of the most used sales funnels by eCommerce companies is the Free Plus Shipping Funnel.

The Free Plus Shipping Funnel creation process

You only need to charge delivery after offering a cheap or free good. Since you're selling your goods at cost—or perhaps below price—and then making up the difference with shipping fees, this form of the funnel may be quite profitable.

Before a potential consumer makes a purchase, you can gain their trust and credibility by providing a free product or service.

In exchange for the customer's shipping information, you provide a free product (often a digital one, like an e-book). You must choose a product with an initial cost that is manageable for you, such as up to 8 USD. However, most potential clients who will pay shipping fees to buy the goods should consider it valuable. They are directed to a page where they are presented with an upsell or other products at a discounted price after entering their shipping information.

Offering a product that is free plus shipping allows you to leverage this funnel if you sell real goods. In this method, the buyer only has to pay for delivery once, not on subsequent orders.

Here are some considerations to make if you're considering employing this kind of funnel:
  • Make sure your offering is of a good calibre and appealing to customers.
  • To get customers into your funnel, provide a cheap or free offering.
  • Add shipping costs to the price of your product.
  • Make sure the shipping charges you charge are fair and sufficient to pay for the expense of transporting your goods.

One thing to keep in mind with the Free Plus Shipping Funnel is that for it to be effective, you must have a solid offer and a sales page that converts well. If you don't, this funnel is probably going to cost you money.


What does a digital marketing sales funnel entail?

A system called a "digital marketing funnel" is used to direct website visitors toward conversion into paying consumers. There are four stages in a typical marketing sales funnel: awareness, discovery, consideration, and conversion.

What does a blog funnel mean?

A user journey is simply described and planned out in a sales funnel. It serves as a roadmap for the difficult journey people take from readers of your blog posts to paying customers for your goods or services.

Where are the most users in the sales funnel?

The stage of the sales funnel where you will be exposed to the most potential customers is at the top of the funnel.

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