The 7 Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs in 2023, Check the list here!

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Wed, 01 Feb 2023 09:04 PM IST


DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING JOBS? then read this article for more imformation.

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There is a lot of demand for individuals skilled in digital marketing across various industries and firms. Digital Marketing is the emerging field which is gaining a lot of attention and is being actively used by businesses to raise their revenues and make profits. Lots of yougsters are also enrolling in different digital marketing courses and learning the skill to find the best jobs. Here we have provided the list of top 7 hottest jobs in digital marketing to help you strategise your skill set accordingly.
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1.Content Managers & Strategists

Content management is a crucial position for any agency or digital marketing team since it affects practically every aspect of marketing – and it includes far more than just writing and social media engagement.
Content managers must be able to not only develop SEO-friendly content, but also organise, store, and manage it efficiently. They must comprehend how content fits into various aspects of the marketing strategy, as well as how to create and distribute content assets through the appropriate channels.
 They must coordinate teams and work with a wide spectrum of clients to do this.
As a result, a successful Content Manager must be a brilliant writer as well as be able to develop exceptional content that works across numerous media. They must also be good at creating relationships, be creative, organised, and self-motivated.
According to Payscale, the annual earning potential is $61,000 (€52,000) and up.

2.Virtual Reality Developers and Editors 

This is a high-tech digital media career, but demand for people with these talents has increased dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic. ARtillery Intelligence reports. Due to a growing need for training, meetings, and better customer service, the market for virtual reality in enterprises is expected to expand to $4.26 billion in 2023.
It is a vocation that mixes technology and creativity, so it will appeal to people who are interested in both. People that work in this industry usually have a background in design, games, or programming since they have the necessary skills. Starting as an assistant, tester, or editor, the goal would be to work your way up to a Director role.
Earning potential: According to TechRepublic, a VR specialist can expect to earn $80,000 (€69,000) on the low end of the scale, but there are plenty of options to earn $100,000 (€86,000 - €81,000) or more annually depending on the business.

3. SEO/SEM Specialists 

SEO and SEM are essential for successful digital marketing initiatives, and those who can demonstrate technical and digital marketing expertise, particularly in terms of management, will earn the most in this industry.
Because search engine algorithms are always changing, SEO and SEM can be tough to specialise in. To maintain a consistently high ROI, businesses must keep current and understand how they interact, and the larger the company, the more complicated this becomes. Furthermore, e-commerce sites and businesses that rely on website visitors for revenue will be especially reliant on a well-balanced SEO/SEM strategy.
Most organisations want to rank highly in search engine results, therefore they'll require personnel who are knowledgeable in these fields. According to SEO Basics, demand for SEM specialists is increasing at about 100% per year, while demand for SEO specialists is increasing to the point where there is a skills scarcity in the labour market.
The average compensation for these professions is $49,174 (€42,507) per year, while more experienced SEO/SEM professionals and analysts may expect to make at least $66,000 (€57,000) per year.

4. UX Designer 

UX designers are in charge of the entire development process for websites and digital marketing applications. They may have a technical background or high-end design experience.
UX designers must comprehend audiences as well as have a thorough understanding of the product or service in order to understand the website as a comprehensive marketing experience. Their job is critical in improving an ecommerce website to encourage visitors to browse and purchase.
They will often take the lead in project management for visual design and testing, focusing on the usability of a website or application from conception to finish to improve user experience.
Earning potential: According to Ping Pong research, the average annual compensation for a UX designer in the United States is $97,000 (€83,000), with those with 0-3 years of experience earning $76,000 (€65,000).

5.Email Marketing Specialist  

An example of a specialised area of content generation and marketing is email marketing. Email marketing is overseen by qualified marketers with copywriting and editing knowledge.
Email is one of the most powerful content types available. You'll need persuasive writing skills and an understanding of how to construct an effective email marketing strategy to do this well. Based on an enormous database of client data and lists, you'll also be in charge of marketing, launches, and public relations operations. Because the quality of your email contacts is critical to your email marketing success, it's critical to understand how to increase your database without bothering your subscribers. Because email marketing is largely a lead-generation activity, professionals would collaborate on focused campaigns with digital marketing and/or content managers to convert leads into sales.
Earning potential: According to LinkedIn, Email Marketing Specialists may expect to earn a base salary of roughly $57 000 USD (€49,000), which can rise to $65,000 USD (€56,000) depending on experience.

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6.Digital Marketing Managers & Directors 

CMOs and VPs, as well as Creative Directors, can expect to make above $100,000 per year. Years of field experience are required, but if you have a lot of managerial experience, you can get ahead quickly.
A successful Digital Marketing Manager or Creative Director must be well-versed in all aspects of marketing and business. They must have prior experience with strategic planning and execution, as well as developing a digital marketing strategy and financial forecasts. Anyone in this position should be able to delegate while taking risks, make solid judgments, and plan for the future.
Earning potential: According to, digital marketing managers and directors can expect to earn a salary that ranges from $109,000 (€94,000) for the entry-level to $148,000 (€127,000) for the most experienced.

7. Analysts & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialists 

The AI market is expected to reach $360 billion by 2028, as it provides businesses with a method to better corporate processes and consumer experience. Plus, as big data and data mining become more prevalent, anyone who can develop systems to analyse this data and apply it to strategic marketing will be in great demand.
Most persons who work in these fields have technical degrees and a foundation in computer science. If you're interested in this field, you'll need a comprehensive understanding of data optimization and machine learning to improve marketing activities, as well as a thorough comprehension of programming.
Data Analysts will always be in demand, given the reliance on data and analytics to increase marketing initiatives and drive effective budgeting. According to 39 percent of senior marketers in our latest research with The Economist Group, recruiting for data and analytics expertise is the most difficult of all the marketing disciplines, thus being an expert in this field will give you with fantastic career chances.
Earnings potential: In the United States, the average pay for an AI Specialist is $162,000 (€139,000), with the top 10% earning $100,000 more. According to projections, Data Analysts will earn an average of $65,000 (€56,000) per year.

What is the main job of digital marketing?

Digital marketing's goal is to create strong and unique methods for promoting a company's brand, products, and services. All marketing tools and tactics, such as PPC, SEO, SEM, email, social media, and display advertising, are expected to be used efficiently by a digital marketing expert.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Yes, digital marketing is a well-paid profession. A digital marketer's average income for an executive-level post ranges from INR 2,50,000 to 5,00,000. The typical beginning salary for a manager is between INR 8,00,000 and INR 10,00,000.

Do you need a degree for digital marketing?

No, a specialised university degree is not required to work in digital marketing. When you look at job advertisements for Digital Marketers, you'll notice that many of them do require a Bachelor's degree or similar.

Is digital marketing a demanding profession?

Digital marketing, in all of its manifestations, is fraught with challenges. It's a fantastic job and sector to work in, but it wouldn't be a job if it didn't occasionally stress people out.

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