AI Marketing: A Transformation for Content Creation

Safalta expert Published by: Ishika Jain Updated Fri, 03 Feb 2023 06:12 PM IST

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Artificial intelligence and automation are poised to permanently alter digital marketing. They can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage in the cluttered digital marketing landscape. You may automate several time-consuming chores and concentrate on the creative side of content marketing. While it may have seemed like science fiction 20 years ago, AI systems can now convert your information into a variety of formats. Advanced natural language processing solutions can even write articles on their own.

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Above all, ai and machine learning assists you in learning more about your clients and developing meaningful interactions with them. According to Salesforce, high-performing marketing teams are at least twice as likely as underperformers to incorporate AI in their efforts. You increase user engagement, conversions, and retention by producing great targeted, relevant, and personalized AI content. Fortunately, digital marketers are beginning to recognize the significance of artificial intelligence. According to a recent report, 56.5% of CMOs in the United States use AI for content personalization. In addition, the majority of their marketing budgets are dedicated to predictive analytics, targeted decisions, and consumer segmentation. Download ebooks to gain extensive knowledge about them.

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Table of Content:
Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing
What is the definition of automatically generated content?
Case Studies of NLG and AI Content
AI Content Production
Suggestions for Effective Words
Developing Highly Specific Website Content
AI Tools for Content Marketing
1) Article Forge
2) Atomic Reach: Data-Centric Content Creation
3) NK: Machine Learning Content Optimization
4) WordAI: Content Spinning Automation


Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

If you examine the content marketing timeline, you will observe that this industry has evolved significantly from its inception. Every day, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, according to statistics. This number is projected to rise further as social networks and IoT devices become more popular. To preserve a market edge, you must keep up with these changes. That is precisely where artificial intelligence and content marketing collide. Artificial intelligence's function in content marketing now differs widely. It can assist you in collecting and analyzing mountains of client data, accelerating the content development process, and personalizing user experiences.

What is the definition of automatically generated content?

Artificial intelligence bots create autonomously generated content. This is accomplished with minimal or no human intervention. Natural language generation (NLG) technologies are used by AI tools to generate automated content. Their primary purpose is to translate your data into content that is accurate, clear, and well-written. Natural language generation, in particular, is a type of artificial intelligence that produces natural language from structured data. An NLG system, when used effectively, may transform numbers in spreadsheets into interesting and data-driven storytelling. Some of the tools we'll discuss later even leverage word associations to assist the writing process.

Case Studies of NLG and AI Content

NLG and AI Content Use Cases NLG technologies may automate your content production process in a variety of ways, revolutionizing the way content is produced.

AI Content Production:

For a long time, several large corporations have used bots to create automated content. Consider the Washington Post, which has been utilizing an AI article generation bot since 2016. They developed Heliograf, a homegrown technology, to cover congressional & gubernatorial contests on Election Day in 2016. Since then, the bot has created a plethora of stories about numerous occurrences. In 2016, their robot reporter published 850 articles, according to a 2017 report.

Suggestions for Effective Words:

Natural language generation could also suggest what you should type next in your email. Gmail's Smart Compose, for example, makes use of these technologies to assist users in selecting the best email idea.

Developing Highly Specific Website Content:

You want your content for landing pages and social media to be highly relevant and engaging. That is why you must select the appropriate tone of voice for each customer segment. That's where Persado comes in. This tool analyses the customers & their interactions with your website using algorithms. It develops language that resonates with people based on this data. Its capability to generate texts for landing pages, SMS, push notifications, PPC ads, and even social networks.

AI Tools for Content Marketing

Most digital marketers depend on artificial intelligence and machine learning to obtain client insights, personalize content, and automate content marketing operations. Their areas of expertise include process automation and optimization, seamless customer service, and content personalization. You've probably heard the expression "Marketers are data-rich but insight poor." Tracking metrics and gathering customer data has never been easier thanks to the proliferation of low-cost digital marketing analytics tools. However, simply collecting millions of client records and storing them in dusty folders on your servers is insufficient This issue is addressed by artificial intelligence, which promises to reduce guesswork in the content development process. AI enables you to acquire and analyze client data more quickly. Natural language generation solutions bridge the gap between data analytics and content production by converting statistics and facts into automated but high-quality articles. Given these facts, it is not unexpected that the AI app market is rapidly expanding. According to estimates, the market for artificial intelligence platforms would be valued at $9.88 billion by 2022. You must invest in the correct technologies to generate AI content that matches customers' desire for customization. Here's a quick rundown of some of the most effective AI marketing solutions for automating company content marketing efforts.

1) Article Forge:
A Self-Writing AI ToolIf writing high-quality articles with a bot sounds like a sci-fi scenario, you haven't heard about Article Forge yet. Among the most impressive AI content generation tools available is Article Forge. It not only assists you in creating original, high-quality material, but it also automatically inserts videos, photographs, and titles into the articles or web pages. Article Forge also creates articles in multiple languages using its terminology. It accomplishes this through the use of powerful NLG algorithms. It analyzes millions of articles and conducts research on themes, just like human writers.

2) Atomic Reach: Data-Centric Content Creation:
Writing a superb blog post or newsletter copy is enjoyable provided you have original and authentic ideas. Here's where Atomic Reach can help. It evaluates branded material across several digital platforms, including blogs, email, and paid adverts. The application creates content intelligence to help you make better content decisions, improve content quality, and reduce editing time. Atomic Reach also provides writing aid. It does this by suggesting appropriate phrases and words to you. You will never have to scratch your head for the ideal term for your newsletter title again. Atomic Reach will think the thinking for you.

3) NK: Machine Learning Content Optimization:
INK is a machine learning and artificial intelligence learning-powered content creation tool. It allows you to easily optimize your blog entries and website from a single platform. The best part about INK is that it has both a mobile app and a WordPress plugin. You only need to compare WordPress hosting prices to choose the best one for you. It offers real-time insights and recommendations. As a result, you can write more data-driven and relevant content. INK can also read and analyze the content of its competitors. It makes content marketing writing suggestions based on it.

4) WordAI: Content Spinning Automation:
WordAI is a content spinner that automatically transforms your keywords into natural and logical sentences. This useful tool uses artificial intelligence to comprehend texts and sentences. After analyzing them, it employs a text spinner to rephrase stuff that is already available on the Internet. It rewrites your material automatically without compromising its quality, correctness, or readability.
When constructing sentences, WordAI employs relevant synonyms. And, no, it doesn't sound like Joey from Friends using the Thesaurus. Most significantly, it supports a variety of languages. Artificial intelligence and automation are poised to permanently alter digital marketing. They can assist you in gaining a competitive edge in the cluttered digital marketing landscape. You may automate several time-consuming chores and concentrate just on the creative side of content marketing.

How is artificial intelligence applied in content marketing?

With AI, content marketers can concentrate their efforts on producing the context rather than researching and analyzing it. AI can also evaluate and compare data more quickly than humans. This provides statistics for content marketers to use in developing their content strategy.

What exactly is AI-powered content creation?

The method by which a machine generates material for you is known as AI content production. It may generate text-based material such as blog articles, ad copy, social media postings, marketing copy, or even audio and video content.

How is artificial intelligence transforming digital marketing?

AI can assist with a variety of digital marketing activities, including campaign optimization, understanding customer behavior, and delivering personalized recommendations. Furthermore, AI can aid in the automation of processes like customer support and report preparation.

Is artificial intelligence the future of content creation?

AI will not replace writers, but writers who use AI will replace those who do not. Although AI tools cannot yet write as creatively or emotionally as humans, they may surely contribute to greater content through other duties such as research, editing, and rewriting.

How can AI improve marketing efficiency?

AI can save time and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, such as data analysis, reporting, and content creation. AI tools can also provide actionable insights in real-time, allowing marketers to make informed decisions about their campaigns.

Is AI a threat to human creativity in marketing?

No, AI should be seen as a tool to enhance human creativity rather than replace it. AI can provide data and insights to help marketers understand their audience better and generate ideas. However, it is still up to the human marketer to create the content, make decisions about strategy, and execute campaigns.

Can AI help with personalization in marketing?

Yes, AI can help personalize marketing by analyzing data to understand customer behavior, preferences, and demographics. Based on this information, AI can personalize content, messaging, and offers to better resonate with each individual customer.

What are the limitations of AI in marketing?

While AI has the potential to revolutionize marketing, there are still some limitations. AI relies on data, and if the data is inaccurate, the results will be unreliable. Additionally, AI can be biased, so marketers must be aware of this and ensure their data is diverse and inclusive. Lastly, AI is only as effective as the algorithms and parameters set by humans, so there is still a need for human oversight and decision-making.

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