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Application and Uses of Database Management System (DBMS): Because of the development of database management systems, businesses can now keep records of everything, which increases the value of their labour. Additionally, it speeds up their ability to look up data and records on any individuals or anything, which increases their productivity. Here, we will discuss some of the purposes and applications of the database management system (DBMS).  Click Here To Download  e-book for MS Excel blog

A database management system is used in a variety of industries. The applications that make use of the information base administration framework are as follows:

1. Airline Reservation System

The railroad reservation scheme is analogous to this one.


The records of flight takeoff, appearance, and defer status are also stored by this framework using an information base administration framework.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies produce a variety of goods and sell them regularly. The executives use a database management system (DBMS) to store information about their things, such as bills, receipts for purchases, quantities, and inventories.


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Human Resource Management

Big firms or organizations have numerous specialists or representatives working under them. They store data about worker’s compensation, assessment, and work with the assistance of an information base administration framework (DBMS).  

4. Online Shopping

Online purchasing is a common practise these days.

Nobody needs to waste their time by going to the store. Everybody must use online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal to shop from home. So, using the information base administration architecture, each item is sold and added in a unique way (DBMS). Payment receipts, payments, and purchase information are all handled with the aid of DBMS.

5. Account

The information base management framework is used to store data on transactions, ownership, and purchase of financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds, in a data set.

6. Broadcast communications

Any organisation that transmits media cannot conceive without DBMS. For these firms, the executive's architecture and database are essential for storing call details and monthly postpaid invoices.

7. Social Media Sites

We all use online media platforms to communicate with friends and share our thoughts with the globe. Numerous individuals maintain profiles on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google every day. By utilising the data set administration architecture, all client data is stored in the information base, enabling us to interact with other parties.

8. Credit card exchanges

The database management framework is used for monthly announcements and credit card purchases.

9. Education Sector 

Many schools and universities now conduct evaluations online. Through the data set administration structure, they handle all assessment-related information (DBMS). Despite this, all of the information on an understudy's enrollment details, grades, courses, expenses, involvement, outcomes, and so forth is stored in the information base.

10. Banking

The database used by the executive's framework is used to hold the client's exchange data.

11. Library Management System

The library has a large collection of books, making it challenging to keep track of them all in a register or duplicate. As a result, the data set administration framework (DBMS) is used to maintain all the information pertaining to the book's title, publication date, accessibility, and author.

12. Reservation system for trains

The information base is required in the rail route reservation framework to keep the record or information of ticket appointments, status about train appearance, and flight. Additionally, people are informed if trains are running late thanks to the information base update.

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