Artificial Intelligence (AI) is overtaking human workers.

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Concerns are being raised as a result of AI taking over workforce automation, hence eliminating the necessity for human labour in industries.

A takeover scenario occurs when Artificial Intelligence outperforms human labour. Robots or computers would take over tasks currently performed by skilled people. Concerns are being raised as a result of AI taking over workforce automation, hence eliminating the necessity for human labour in industries. The long-held belief among economists is that technological advancement will not result in long-term unemployment. However, recent advancements in robots and artificial intelligence have generated concerns about human labour becoming obsolete, resulting in job losses in a variety of industries, and leading to an economic crisis and recession. Many small and medium-sized businesses will be driven out if they are unable to implement cutting-edge robotics and AI technologies, and they may need to focus on areas that cannot be replaced by robots.

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing
White-Collar Machines
Automated Cars
Cashier at the register
Railway Station Ticket Seller
Factory Worker


Human Workers Will Be Replaced by Robots

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

This is a method in which computers manage the whole manufacturing process. This integration would allow information to be exchanged at various stages of production and, as a result, actions to be initiated. Thus, by integrating computers and creating an automated production process, manufacturing may be made faster and less prone to mistakes.

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This methodology is used in the automobile, aviation, space, and shipbuilding sectors.
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White-Collar Machines

In the twenty-first century, automated machines will do expert duties such as translation, legal research, and software testing. Robots would undertake care work, entertainment, and other duties that require human sensitivity.

Automated Cars

An automated automobile is a vehicle that can perceive its surroundings and manoeuvre without human intervention. Many of these cars are in the works. An automated automobile is a self-driving car that does not require a human driver.

Thus, eliminating the necessity of manually driven cars and learning to drive them. Driving-related occupations would be completely eliminated, resulting in massive unemployment in the society.


Drones are flying robots that can be commanded remotely or fly independently using software-controlled aircraft in their embedded systems while operating with onboard sensors and GPS. GPS, Flight Controller, GPS Module, Battery, Antenna, Receiver, Cameras, and Sensors are among the technology components found in drones. Drones may be used for a variety of purposes, including photography, filming, and product delivery. If drones are brought into use in our day-to-day life then it would eradicate professions like photographers, delivery boys, and cinematographers from our society. Thus generating a large scale of unemployment.


Jobs that have already been automated

Cashier at the register

Self-service checkouts are practically ubiquitous in the UK, and managing dozens of checkouts takes just one or two operators. Self-service checkouts are not just limited to small businesses; most supermarkets feature full-service self-service checkouts with conveyor belts, while some enable us to scan as we buy with a portable scanner. A single worker may now monitor hundreds of checkouts and remedy client errors.

Railway Station Ticket Seller

Similar to cashiers, railway stations in industrialised nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada have now installed machines where passengers may purchase and collect tickets. As a result, the traveller can order his own tickets. There is no need for a ticket counter where railway employees may buy tickets for passengers.

Factory Worker

As a result of technological advancement, the number of manufacturing workers has decreased. Manufacturing firms have utilised robotic technology to boost productivity. A Chinese manufacturer has already replaced 90% of its human workers with robots, resulting in fewer faults and increased output. Artificial intelligence has made tremendous technological advancements in recent years. It can help us in a variety of ways. However, potential hazards and doubts about whether it will take over human occupations remain. If this occurs, it will result in massive unemployment. Scientists and economists are both working to discover a solution to this topic. However, AI will advance with time. It is unclear if it will take over human occupations.


Can artificial intelligence overcome the drawbacks of human intellect?

Emotions drive human beings, whether we like it or not. AI, on the other hand, is emotionless and extremely realistic and reasonable in its approach. One significant advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it is free of prejudice, resulting in more accurate decision-making.

Will AI generate or eliminate jobs?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will provide new career possibilities rather than eliminate them. AI will eliminate some employment while creating new ones.

Will machines eventually replace humans in the workplace?

According to PwC, up to 30% of employment might be automated by the mid-2030s. According to CBS News, machines might replace 40% of the world's employees within the next 15 to 25 years.

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