Best 10 microblogging sites for guest posting

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Guest blogging is crucial because it fosters connections with other professionals in the field, exposes the brand to new audiences, generates referral traffic for the website, positions you as a thought leader, and could result in backlinks that could improve SEO.

Creating and posting articles for those other websites is known as guest posting. Writing for industry groups' blogs is the main point to drive a portion of that traffic to your order to drive that traffic back to your website. It is also excellent for search engine optimization (SEO), as it provides opportunities for backlinking. As is generally known, the more backlinks a website has, the better its chances and as is generally known, the more backlinks a site has, the better its chances are of being listed highly. The editor of such a website frequently highlights your guest pieces as being produced by a "guest author" and includes your byline. You could or might not be paid for your guest post, based on the website or newspaper. Some guest posting websites provide non-monetary incentives for your article, such as social media mentions or a link to your website that directs visitors back to it. By participating in guest blogging, you may establish yourself as an authority in your field, develop your brand, and reach a wider range of potential customers. Learning about and developing abilities in digital marketing, which is becoming increasingly important in this digital era, is essential.

Table of Content:
advantages of guest posting
The Best Ways to Post Your Guest Blog:
Top Guest Posting Websites:
1) Hubspot:
2) Entrepreneur:
3) MOZ:
4) HuffPost:
5) GetResponse:
6) Search Engine Journal:
7) Medium:
8) Innovation Management:
9) Mashable:
10) Ignite Visibility:

A few advantages of guest posting are as follows:
  • Introduce yourself to a new audience
  • Increase brand trust
  • Unpaid backlinks
  • Boost authority and visibility online
  • Increase your social media following
  • Produce leads
You must focus on the top guest blogging sites if you want your guest blogging to have the greatest impact. There are numerous guest blogging platforms where you can publish blogs and improve SEO.

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To assist you to become a guest blogger, let's first learn about some of the finest practices in this field.

The Best Ways to Post Your Guest Blog:
Here are some pointers for getting your blog posted on reputable websites.

1. Advance your field of expertise:
You must distinguish yourself from your rivals. Become an authority in your subject, then provide unique content to validate and give credibility to your blogs.

2. Craft a compelling pitch:
Make a customized pitch. To show credibility and understanding, research the company you are pitching to, its audience, and the blogs on its website.

3. Consider your network and connections:
Even if a newspaper rejects your pitch for a guest post, you may still develop your network and keep up your relationships in the hope that a different article you write in the future would be accepted.

Here are a few more pointers:
  • Select your objectives.
  • Discover chances
  • Select a few sites for guest blogging
  • Gather some topic suggestions.
  • Construct a pitch
  • Get your post ready.
  • A follow-up
  • Track outcomes
Top Guest Posting Websites:
Obtaining guest writing opportunities in the list below takes a lot of effort and resolve. It's not impossible, though. Whether you have the right ideas and sales approach, you can accomplish your objectives. Some of the best websites for guest posting are listed below.

1) Hubspot:
One of the top brands for CRM, sales, and inbound marketing software is Hubspot. In addition to providing a full range of marketing products, HubSpot's staff frequently writes authoritative and technical blog posts on a range of digital marketing subjects. Knowing which of the four primary blogs you want to post on when guest blogging on HubSpot is necessary: marketing, sales, service, or website. 

2) Entrepreneur:
An American media company called Entrepreneur Media Inc. offers print and online articles about entrepreneurship, business expansion, technology, and current affairs. The entrepreneur also includes articles on technology and digital marketing that are important to SEO experts and content creators. For new entries, Entrepreneur has brief and clear criteria for guest posting. Members of the company's Leadership Network are authors who submit their work to Entrepreneur for publication.

3) MOZ:

MOZ creates SEO tools for more effective digital marketing. Users of MOZ have access to a wealth of useful information, technical how-tos, and blog pieces in addition to being backed by a vibrant community of SEO experts who are concerned with strategies like guest posting. Full-time opportunities are available at MOZ, and the company frequently takes applications for community-run conferences like MozCon for SEOs. You can consult the MOZ blog or get in touch with the team for comprehensive instructions about how to submit pitches.

4) HuffPost:
An American news website called HuffPost (formerly known as the Huffington Post) reports on breaking news from around the globe. The entertainment, culture, diversity, & life themes covered by HuffPost are well known. HuffPost frequently welcomes guest post contributions from independent contractors and writers and tries to highlight BIPOC, LGBTQ, and disabled contributors. For more information as to where as well as how to contribute, see the Pitch page on HuffPost. New submissions are accepted by section.

5) GetResponse:
GetResponse is a website builder and marketing tool that assists users in creating clever automation and honing their inbound marketing strategies. Additionally, GetResponse specializes in digital advertising, online sales, and audience expansion. For posting well-written content on subjects including social media, email marketing, omnichannel marketing, and SEO, the GetResponse blog is a wonderful place to start. 

6) Search Engine Journal:

An open portal for SEOs and internet marketers is called Search Engine Journal (SEJ). To aid professionals and practitioners alike, SEJ stands out by providing the newest subjects and best practices. The editorial team proactively invites contributors, according to the guest post standards for SEJ. Improve your abilities in SEO, online marketing, social networks, content marketing, eCommerce, or PPC if you want to be taken into consideration. Contributions for guest posts are always 100 percent original, distinct, and substantiated.

7) Medium:
If you have experience in any area of technology or science, Medium is the greatest location to guest blog. Everything from articles regarding financial trends to medical sciences is covered on this website. There are more than 120 million readers, therefore this is an excellent chance to increase traffic to your website. One of the top platforms for guest blogging, Medium is now the most popular platform in its field.

8) Innovation Management:
One of the best sources for news and best practices in innovation is Innovation Management. Their website features articles published by and for experts in the subject of innovation. It has articles on sustainability, eco-friendly business, and innovation in climate change, among other topics.

9) Mashable:
A global media and entertainment organization called Mashable provides articles on a variety of topics, including culture, technology, current affairs, and more. The website functions as a forum for news media with the overarching goal of promoting social good. Despite the enormous viewership of Mashable, competition for guest writing chances can be fierce. Mashable has several number of full-time roles available, but leading department editors occasionally accept original submissions for guest articles.

10) Ignite Visibility:
Digital marketing services provided by Ignite Visibility include paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, creative services, etc. If you have experience in digital marketing, you are welcome to submit your guest post. Investigate the websites indicated above, and contribute to them, and you will soon be a seasoned guest blogger. If you conduct a thorough investigation, you can visit thousands of websites. In today's highly competitive content industry, any article that is less than perfect is not approved for guest posting. Therefore, take your time to create your finest content and target the appropriate audiences before setting out on your quest for guest blogging success.

What do guest blogging platforms do?

Writing and publishing articles for other websites is known as guest posting. Writing for related industry blogs is the main point in order to drive some of that traffic back to your own website.

Are guest posts compensated?

Simply put: A paid guest post is one that you write for another website and receive payment from that website in exchange for contributing content to their website.

How can I publicise my guest blog?

Increased traffic will also be beneficial to the site owner, who will be pleased. The same channels you use to advertise your own content can also be used to advertise guest blogging content. For instance, you could share guest posts on social media and inform subscribers in your email marketing newsletter.

Which blogging category is more popular?

The most common kind of blogs you may find online are lifestyle blogs. They have a wide range of readers who are interested in subjects like politics, local news, culture, and the arts. The blogger now has a variety of topics to choose from, which makes it simpler to plan their content strategy.

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