12 + Best Web Animation Website Examples for Web Design

Safalta Expert Published by: Priya Bawa Updated Sun, 20 Nov 2022 12:21 PM IST

12+ Best Web Animation Website Examples for Web Design:
Many breakthroughs and changes have happened in website design. Turn-creating is employed by web designers to give static website designs life and movement. In recent years, website design animations are a new trend that has taken over our screens. They enhance the user experience by making it much more intuitive and engaging. Website design animation transforms a mundane user encounter into a fascinating voyage full of vibrant colors, motions, adventures, and intriguing interactions.
In this post, we will explore the potential of animations in web design and introduce the most common forms of webpage animations that will be popular in 2023. Boost your Skills by learning: Graphic DesigningAfter Effect
Table of Content:
1) Hover Animation for Desktop
2) Castor & Pollux
4) Skeleton Screens
6) Conservation Guide
7) Bubka
8) Foudamour
9) Louis Ansa
10) Okalpha
11) Loftgarten
12) Skeleton Screens

Hover Animation for Desktop: Another popular webpage animation is hovering. CSS website animations, which may be produced using JavaScript, offer feedback on the activities of visitors.

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Hover animations can enhance the overall user experience and make navigating easier.
Hover animations have a huge drawback in that they do not operate on mobile devices. Elevation animation, fortunately, has the same effect on mobile devices. To be promptly notified of an encounter, only one tap is necessary. In this manner, the user will be aware that they have elicited a certain reaction.

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Castor & Pollux: Whether you intend to revamp or enhance your website soon, consider including animation in your website design. Castor & Pollux is an electronic communication agency that helps companies with their internet persona. This website uses smooth and discreet animations in various places. It also employs an appealing asymmetrical arrangement to present the text. Aside from that, the white space on the website makes it seem clean and modern. Furthermore, the cursor, which changes in different areas, adds attractiveness to the design. Not only that, but it also includes video integration, making it easy to introduce the brand.
NOLK: Essentially, we're taking a dull subject and introducing just enough animation to pique the viewer's interest. NOLK assists developing Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies in scaling up. That line alone made me yawn. However, this is a necessary ability that not every business owner possesses (trust us, we used to be a company of 2 extremely exhausted artists). NOLK decided they needed a website that reflected their customer-focused and cheerful demeanor.
The modest typographic animation engages the boring material, and little dancing visuals amuse without being distracting. The eventual outcome is a quick descent toward their lead generators.
Skeleton Screens: Users can be encouraged to engage with your site by using skeleton screens. Skeleton screens are blank partitioned pages into which content is progressively yet rapidly loaded. Animations should be used when loading material on a website page for better results.
The purpose of employing animations on a website is to keep the visitor interested. The lack of animations will render this feature uninteresting and worthless since the user will feel as though time is being spent while the information is loading.
STUTPAK: Is this somebody's incredible portfolio? Check out the work of Andra Nijman. As artists, we frequently use our sites as museums to display our work, but they should be more than simply empty rooms with paintings on the walls. In this example, the artist is demonstrating her abilities to the customer. She's used Lottie to make basic designs in an unusual way. These tiny motions engage without being distracting, which is just what she is offering.
Putting your money where your mouth is h is a risky move, but it's the simplest method to demonstrate to potential clients exactly what they'll be spending for. It also helps that the textured and handcrafted aesthetic of this animation is as smooth as an oiled seal.
Conservation Guide: Conservation Guide is a portal where you can find high-quality conservation initiatives. Above the fold, we see a full-width video backdrop and a search box that takes us to relevant options. Thanks to dynamic design components and subtle motions, the site is not only functional but also enjoyable to visit. The hermit crab that creeps across the screen as you scroll is particular. The website has a lot of material, including maps, programs, and a blog, and it handles it all nicely.
Bubka: If you're thinking about redesigning your website, you should have a peek at these animation websites for some ideas. Bubka is an Antwerp-based advertising firm that helps businesses stand out. It features a unique design that aims to have a huge influence online. The hero header, in particular, has a wonderful and unique hover motion. The website benefits from smooth animation since it incorporates the capabilities of GSAP. As a result, the text, photos, buttons, and other features enhance the design's beauty and inventiveness. Not only that, but the client presentation is also sleek and modern, with monochromatic logos. Furthermore, this website boosts its legitimacy by including testimonials via a slider.
Foudamour: It is a Montreal-based wedding planning firm that specializes in high-end, sophisticated wedding experiences. Above the fold, you may use the arrow mouse to browse featured prior events, or you can scroll down the page to discover more about the company. The website evokes the opulent atmosphere that the company is renowned for, with huge photos, fine writing, and plenty of white space. The moving layering of text and images is a lovely and subtle effect that appears across several pages.
Louis Ansa: Websites may be completely engaging with animations. While content is important for your website, a good animation may boost trustworthiness. These animation websites provide a variety of features that will inspire you. Louis Ansa is a graphic designer and art director located in France. He aspires to present his career in a competent yet innovative manner in his portfolio. As a result, the site looks excellent with a slider that displays his work and is relatively clean and simple with white space that makes the material pop. His portfolio looks fantastic and beautiful because of his use of GSAP animation. Each of his works has high-quality photographs that are elegantly arranged.
Okalpha: It used its animation expertise to develop a humorous, engaging, and one-of-a-kind Webflow website. The website's primary colors and moving 3D forms are evocative of Legos or a funhouse—in a nice way. The 3D hover effect on buttons, for example, adds a great, on-brand touch. Because the colors and forms are so vibrant, the copy is kept basic to avoid overpowering visitors. In the services area, you may learn more about any of the numerous specializations mentioned by clicking on them in a simple, slide-in window. Overall, the website finds an excellent mix between entertainment and intuition.
Loftgarten: It is a user-centered design firm that specializes in high-end spatial design experiences. In the realm of web design, first impressions are everything, and Loftgarten got theirs with a magnificent full-width picture and big font. As you navigate down the homepage, you'll notice that different projects appear to hover on the page. The style is clean and straightforward, with a strong emphasis on the brand's attractive photos and unique type combinations. This website is an excellent example of how to utilize Webflow to create a quality appearance and feel for high-end companies.
Skeleton Screens: Users can be encouraged to engage with your site by using skeleton screens. Skeleton screens are empty sectioned pages into which information is progressively yet rapidly loaded. When loading information on a web page, transitions should be employed for better outcomes.
The purpose of employing animations on a site is to keep the user interested. The lack of animations will render this feature uninteresting and worthless since the user will feel as though time is being spent while the data is loading.

What exactly is animated website design?

An animation web page layout makes user experience more memorable and aids in the development of an emotional attachment with the user.

Is animation appropriate for a webpage?

Animation may raise knowledge of your product's purpose and features, as well as assist you tell your brand stories.

What are the four kinds of motion graphics?

  • 2 Dimension Animation
  • 3D Dimension Animation
  • Normal Animation.
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion Graphics 

Do graphics slow down a website's performance?

Far to much movement might cause a web site to load slowly.

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