Can I Do UX UI Design Course on my own?

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As a graphic designer, your initial goal is to comprehend all the subtleties in the different facets of design. Graphic design and UI/UX design are very different from one another, but there are differences within the UI and UX portion of the design as well.

UI/UX design is currently among the most rewarding careers in the field of design. But where can one find out about UI and UX design? Does it have a university? What if the degree you so proudly earned as the beginning of your life plan did not include even a single design course? If you don't have a design background or a degree, how do you become a UI/UX designer? Is getting there even possible?

First off, the answer is true. A design degree is not required to work as a UX designer. And certainly, you can succeed in user interface and user experience design even without that degree or professional experience.

If you are interested in design, here is a blueprint, a roadmap, and a list of recommendations that you may start with.

Start by comprehending UI/UX design.

Graphic design and UI/UX design are very different from one another, but there are differences within the UI and UX portion of the design as well.


Therefore, your initial goal is to comprehend all these subtleties in the different facets of design. Then and only then can you move on to deciding precisely what you want to do.

Know what you want to achieve. Do you wish to create digital designs or draw illustrations? Are you considering a career in product design?
Selecting a component of design will depend on what you have in mind.

Similar to how user interface design (UI Design) is the visual aspect of the design and user experience design is the operational aspect of the design that determines how the user interacts with the design (UI Design).

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And if you're interested in both, you should start with UI/UX design.


Get to Know the Foundations of UI UX Design

Simply knowing what you like is insufficient. It will be necessary for you to become familiar with the fundamentals of both UI and UX design. Even if you consider yourself to be creative, there are some elements, laws of design, and general information that you will need to imprint in your mind in order for it to be ready for things that will happen as you go toward becoming a UI/UX designer.

You should become familiar with the fundamentals of: 

Color theory, associated vocabulary, the psychology of colours, etc. when it comes to user interface design.
Asymmetry as well as symmetry
How to use contrast to organize information, establish order, and narrow the focus.
• Typography, which helps choose typefaces that are easy for readers to read.
• Consistency to provide a useful, intuitive design.

Here are some fundamentals you should be aware of when it comes to user experience design:

Recognize the four UX design phases: empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing.

Develop a Design Sensibility

Know that there are designers who are born and those who learn. The only distinction between the two is that the latter must acquire a sense of aesthetics. While knowledge is important, your ability to use it wisely will help you advance.

You must live and breathe design. Try to hone your eyes so that you can recognize good design when you see it and be able to differentiate it from bad design. One ought to be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the architecture surrounding them.

Explore UI/UX Design Tools

It is not 1969 anymore. There are tools and they are so easily available online. You do not need to be handy with all of them, but do explore a few best ones that will help you design.

Here are some of the best ones:
InVision: Prototyping and collaboration
Figma: Collaborative interface design
Adobe XD: Prototyping and user interface design
Sketch: Interface design
Marvel App: Interactive mockups

Take Note and Act Practically

Inspiration is frequently the beginning of good work. You can usually start by just watching goofy design, then mimicking it. Do this early on in the process, just for you, not for publication.

Simply begin by looking at the designs of popular websites, mobile applications, and other digital products. Make an attempt at it. Until you get it correct, replicate it.

Even though it's not mindless copying, this behaviour is not appropriate for the workplace. Unless you learn, copy. You will have assimilated the sound design once you have practised that sufficiently.

Examine UI/UX Design Online Courses

Yes, please enrol in a course to learn about best practices and the most recent industry trends. Although not everyone needs a course, it is a terrific way to stay up to date with the work of the top UI/UX designers. There are additional options, including books and YouTube videos, which are effective for many students.

Courses are for you, however, if you require a committed learning environment and schedule. Take them to improve what you want to do. There are hundreds of courses on Coursera and Udemy, which are comparatively more affordable. In the event that you have the luxury of finance, there are also highly technical courses available on Lynda.

Look for a mentor who is an accomplished UI/UX designer

Please, yes. Experience and first-hand knowledge of how something is done are incomparable. A competent mentor will help you catch up while also gaining access to the network you require.

That is a very good plan. But each person is different. These details will serve as the foundation of your UI/UX design strategy. Make a move after taking a cue.


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