Content curation tips: The Guidelines for writers

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A useful tactic for all social media marketers is content curation. Curation is a way to offer your followers more than just re-sharing other people's content; it also highlights your own industry expertise.

Table of Content
Why is content curated?
Advantages of content curation
Save time
Build connections
3 great techniques for content curation
Recognize your audience
Reference your sources
Add your own commentary

A useful tactic for all social media marketers is content curation. Curation is a means to provide your followers with more than just re-sharing other people's material; it also highlights your own industry experience.

But value is the secret to effective content curation.

A view, a like, and a share. That's simple, right? A big no.

Here's how to choose content that appeals to your target audience and advances your objectives.

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Why is content curated?

You share curated material to your social media profiles, which is content created by other businesses or individuals.

Sharing a link to a blog piece, compiling quotes from professionals in the field, or even just reposting someone else's social media post are all examples of curated content.

Curated content is described in that manner, but there is much more to it than that.

Similar to how a museum curator selects the most significant objects and works of art to display, it is your responsibility as a content curator to only chose the greatest content to share with your audience.

Advantages of content curation

Save time

Which process is quicker: coming up with an idea, writing, and designing a brand-new social media post, or pressing "share" on an insightful article you just read? (Like this piece, correct?)

It takes time and effort to develop a successful social media strategy, but not every post you make needs to be an original work of art.

It saves you time to curate content. As a result, you generally don't need to hire extra team members like writers or designers. You may stay visible on social media every day with the aid of curated content without incurring additional costs for content creation.

Build connections

Both online and offline, networking is essential for company success.

Inform the original author that you have shared their content when you curate it. Send them an email or message, or tag them in your article to get their attention.

3 great techniques for content curation

Although it doesn't take as much concentration to curate quality content as a moon landing, you still need a plan. Here are 5 things to keep in mind before sharing anything.

Recognize your audience

Do I really need to explain this since it applies to all marketing tactics?

Yes, it is that significant.

Consider your audience's needs when curating content just as you would when creating original content. Consider the following before scheduling curated content:
  • How does this article's content benefit my intended audience?
  • What connection does it have to the issue(s) they're facing?
  • Does this reflect how my target market views my brand?
  • Does it merit it? Can I operate it? Can I flip this link over and insert it into my social media feed? (When curating, avoid listening to music from the 2000s.)

Reference your sources

Never fail to give credit where it is due. Never misrepresent curated content as your own work; always credit the original creator.

Plagiarism is not only morally bad, but it also reflects poorly on your brand.

Add your own commentary

This is not required for every single piece of content you share. But make an effort to improve the majority of what you provide. It only needs to be a sentence or two to introduce the share and explain why you believe your readers would find it useful.

Alternatively, use a quotation from the article to inspire an image for your share. This aids in halting the scroll with a captivating image and gently links your brand to the subject matter expert you are quoting in the eyes of your audience.


What guidelines govern curation?

When curating material, keep balance, emphasis, and diversity in mind to ensure that you're giving your audience what they want. You need assistance to make sure that you give each piece of carefully chosen information the consideration it merits while keeping variety, balance, and emphasis in mind.

What is the definition of content curation?

The act of selecting, organising, and caring for the objects in a collection or exhibition is known as content curation. It involves obtaining material pertinent to a certain topic or area of interest.

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