Digital Marketing as a Long-Term Career Option

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Digital marketing is critical in a world full of items and services waiting to be bought and sold. A company's digital marketing strategy and execution may make or kill it.

Digital marketing is critical in a world full of items and services waiting to be bought and sold. A company's digital marketing strategy and execution may make or kill it.As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, marketing becomes increasingly crucial - the value of excellent digital marketers has multiplied! In the Philippines alone, there are over 73 million social media users, an increase of 8.6% from April 2019 to January 2020. More than 67% of people use social media. 157% of the population had access to mobile phones. It is reasonable to infer that consumers purchase online very frequently - 92% of internet users check up on things online. Online platforms are increasingly being used by businesses to supplement their sales. In such a case, the function of a digital marketer becomes critical.


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#What exactly is digital marketing?
#Is digital marketing appropriate for you?

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a wide phrase, and a digital marketer is someone who supports the selling of a product or service online. That, however, is a very simplified description. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Video & Audio creation and promotion, Search Engine Marketing, eCommerce, Web Design & Development, Interactive Design (Artificial Intelligence), and other subdisciplines are all part of digital marketing. As a new digital marketer, you should be adaptable in at least a handful of the aforementioned areas. However, if you want to be a supervisor, you must be proficient in the majority of facets of digital marketing.

Is digital marketing appropriate for you?

A large part of digital marketing entails meeting the requirements and desires of potential clients. It entails promoting items through adverts or organic search engine rankings. In either case, a digital marketer either caters to or develops the intent to buy. Digital marketing is fascinating since one must always figure out how to get maximum engagement while spending as little of the client's money as possible.

SEO, SEM, and SMM are the most desired talents for a digital marketing position (social media management). These address both servicing the intent to buy (SEO) and creating intent (SEM and SMM). If you have these talents at a competitive level, you can earn a high-paying position with a digital marketing agency or a product/service-based company.

Long-term prospects and benefits of digital marketing

Among the benefits of digital marketing are:
  • Creative Outlet: Digital marketers must adapt their strategy to changing customer behavior. This varies depending on the field and even the product. If you have a creative streak, digital marketing positions may be incredibly rewarding since they allow you to express yourself.
  • Earnings: Digital marketers in the Philippines make a lot of money. The average wage is PHP 160,000, whereas a digital marketer earns around PHP 350,000. As a career, digital marketing has a lot of room for advancement.
  • Job Security: Because of the vastness of this industry, it is virtually systemically crucial. As a result, there will be no shortage of digital marketing positions. Furthermore, if you have the necessary expertise, you may easily move your profession to digital marketing. As a result, digital marketing not only provides employment stability but also an opportunity to accomplish what you enjoy.
  • Versatility of the Field: There is something for everyone in the field of digital marketing. If you enjoy coding, web development is the path to choose. SEO and SEM are for you if you enjoy writing and maintaining websites. Because of the breadth of digital marketing, even AI specialists may find well-paying positions. Because of the volume of data created and the necessity to derive conclusions from large data sets, data scientists are in great demand.
  • Building interpersonal connections is essential for climbing the corporate ladder or maybe starting your own digital marketing business eventually. As a digital marketer, you will come into contact with a wide range of people at varying levels of employment. These relationships can be quite useful in the future if you do a good job.
  • Learn as you go: The only way to keep developing is to keep learning. Because digital marketing is such a broad area, you may continue to acquire new skills and add competencies to your portfolio. The added benefit is that whatever talent you acquire, you will be able to see its application before your eyes, providing you with much-needed practical experience.

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What function does digital marketing play?

A digital marketer's major responsibility is to oversee marketing campaigns that promote a brand and its products. They play a significant role in raising brand recognition, boosting traffic, and collecting leads and consumers.

How can I get started with digital marketing?

Start your digital marketing profession with these seven steps:
  • Build your own website.
  • Select one digital marketing channel to concentrate on.
  • Learn more about the digital marketing channel you've chosen.
  • Apply what you've learned.
  • Get acquainted with free digital marketing tools.
  • Apply for a marketing job.

What are the many forms of SEO?

So, among the numerous SEO categories are:
On-page SEO
SEO for content
Off-Page SEO
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
eCommerce SEO

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