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An organization's digital security implementations are put to the test by an ethical hacker, who then recommends modifications based on the holes found. They are specialists in breaking into networks to discover security flaws. Black-hat hackers take advantage of these flaws to compromise a company's cybersecurity system. In order to find and address any vulnerabilities, ethical hackers constantly audit the company's network security systems. Click Here To Download  e-book for MS Excel blog

Why Do you think about ethical hacking?

Consider ethical hacking for a variety of compelling reasons—some of which could even surprise you! For instance, did you realise that more cyberattacks happen per second than at any other time in the universe's history? According to the most current estimation, there is an assault every 11 to 14 seconds. This implies that businesses, regardless of their size, strength, or turnover, are constantly at danger of losing their valuable data as well as any trade secrets that they may be zealously guarding.


Without a doubt, this has resulted in a very particular worry when it comes to assessing cybersecurity issues and threat vulnerability, regardless of what region of the spectrum is vulnerable to interception. And the fact that ethical hackers now have more duty to bear has a very rational explanation. Consider it: data is unquestionably one of the most significant things a corporation can create, acquire, or trade in the modern world. As a result, it may negatively affect a company's bottom line as well as its top line.

Therefore, ethical hackers are in high demand today, not only because they can protect the data that businesses need on a daily basis but also because they can make significant contributions to improving the current security systems' ability to defend against malicious attacks and particular malware.

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Ethical hacking is the ideal career choice for you if you enjoy having constant performance pressure. Ethical hacking could be the perfect match for you if you've already decided that one of the best ways to stand out is by putting yourself in life-or-death circumstances. Discover what kind of professions are available to you in this amazing industry by reading on.

What does an ethical hacker make on average in India?

Ethical hackers make sure a business is protected from data breaches of any kind. To avoid system breech or violation, they install and include the necessary safety infrastructure, methods, and technologies. Cybercrimes continue to pose a serious concern in the modern world. The Indian government claims that in 2020, cyberattacks will have increased by 300% in India. Nobody is secure from hackers, not even major enterprises, government organisations, or individual businesses. A single data breach can cause an organisation to suffer a devastating financial loss. The Indian government must give cybersecurity infrastructure significant attention when it comes to matters of national security. A famous grocery delivery service, Bigbasket, recently discovered that the data of 2 crore of its members had been hacked. Similar to this, unidentified hackers launched a ransomware assault against Haldiram, extorting $7,50,000 from the namkeen producer. These statistics and examples highlight how important it is for businesses of all sizes to invest in cybersecurity and recruit the proper specialists. The average ethical hacker pay in India is rather expensive due to the complexity and high level of specialisation in the field of cybersecurity. The fact that there is a skills shortage in this field is another factor contributing to ethical hackers' high salaries. Although there is a high need for ethical hackers and cybersecurity specialists in India, there is a very little supply. As a result, businesses pay well for these positions.

To save their data, several businesses have begun implementing cloud computing technology. While cloud computing solutions offer their customers efficiency, speed, and lower costs, they also increase the risk of virus and ransomware assaults on the data. Additionally, this has increased need for ethical hackers. By 2022, it is anticipated that global investment on cybersecurity would surpass $1 trillion. Most significantly, government organisations that fall under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) like CBI and ICERT hire cyber security specialists. A solid source of income may be obtained in this fashion, and in such circumstances, the monthly compensation of a mid-level ethical hacker in India may vary from 40K to 60K. Given the lack of information, the remuneration for hacker employment in CBI can be expected to be close to this amount. However, given the significance of this position, CBI hacker positions would pay substantially more than those for general hackers.

Why is there a demand for ethical hackers?

Given the value attached to ethical hacking and everything else associated with it, it is worthwhile to take some further time to attempt to comprehend the need. It results from the reality that data breaches are ultimately more of a timing issue than a question of potential. In essence, this implies that data breaches will occur sooner rather than later, and it is better for any firm to keep its data in the hands and brains of individuals whose only responsibility it is to secure this data. Additionally, organisations who decide to invest in their cybersecurity guarantee that they have an advantage over rival enterprises since they go above and beyond to make sure that there are no security gaps. Companies' stakeholders realise how crucial it might be to keep a competitive edge over rivals and, as a result, recognise the significance of this investment, particularly those who are not specialists in technology, much alone cybersecurity. 

Roles connected to ethical hacking, such as penetration testers, computer security, and online security and encryption, are readily able to command salaries of INR 5 to 9 LPA from employers. As a result, the ethical hacker pay in India is often approximately INR 5 LPA per month. The greatest pay for ethical hackers in India, however, might also reach INR 30 LPA. Make sure to boost your CV because aspects like the ethical hacker monthly pay in India might readily change depending on things like experience and skill set.
Companies all across the world have become aware of the modern age's security requirements as you read this. There are currently up to three times as many open positions for ethical hackers as there are qualified candidates. In essence, this means that while employers start seeking for candidates to fill these positions, the number of open positions is rising steadily and at an alarming rate. Another factor contributing to cybersecurity's rise as a business concern is the increased adoption of cloud computing by businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. They are exposed to security problems brought on by irregular security upgrades as well as having all of their corporate data online. Additionally, security investment has increased quickly, and when combined with the entire amount of internet users, it only confirms the increasing need of security awareness.

Despite this, there is also another element that unites everything: Every single online danger is becoming more complicated and having a wider spectrum of effects. As a result, every single firm in the world is attempting to diversify its cybersecurity expertise and identify the best ways to meet the demands of security needs.

Indian Ethical Hacker Salary Influences

Estimating the ethical hacker compensation per month gets challenging in the majority of circumstances when people operate independently. Numerous reasons contribute to the wide variety in ethical hacker salaries in India. However, among all of those variables, the following stand out:
  • Your location (the city you work in).
  • Your experience (how many years you have spent in the industry).
  • Your skills (your expertise in the trade).
  • Your employer (which company you work for)
  • Your job role
You can estimate how much money you may anticipate to make from this position by being aware of these things. Additionally, you may make better career planning decisions with this knowledge.


The salary you'll earn as an ethical hacker is significantly influenced by the city where you work. The compensation for ethical hackers varies by city. This is due to the fact that each city has a unique cost of living. A metropolis would be more expensive to live in than a non-metropolis. Additionally, the job environment and culture of a city have an impact on the standard of living there. As a result, the greatest ethical hacker pay in India may vary depending on where you live.

The Indian cities with the highest compensation for ethical hackers are:
  • Hyderabad (49% more than the average)
  • Delhi (19% more than the average)
  • Kolkata (19% more than the average)
  • Jaipur (50% more than the average)
Similar to this, several Indian towns pay ethical hackers less than average. These cities consist of:
  • Pune (21% less than the average)
  • Mumbai (21% less than the average)
  • Bangalore (10% less than the average)


Your professional experience is a significant component that influences your ethical hacker compensation in India. In general, your compensation will increase as you develop more expertise in the subject. Early-career and entry-level ethical hackers make 2% and 5% less than the norm, respectively, but late-career ethical hackers make 447% more. In India, the average yearly salary for ethical hackers with less than a year of expertise is 4.93 lakh rupees. The average annual salary in this industry for those with five to nine years of experience is INR 7 lakh. However, ethical hackers with 10 to 19 years of work expertise make, on average, INR 30 lakh per year. You should bear in mind that with experience, you can advance to senior positions in your organisation that offer much greater earnings.


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