Exploring the Growing Need for Green Jobs and Their Demand

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According to a study conducted by NLB, eco-friendly jobs in India are projected to increase by 15 to 20 percent. This growth is fueled by India's commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2070.

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Moving towards a decarbonized economy is crucial for stopping climate change and can also boost the economy by generating numerous green jobs focused on environmental protection and sustainability.The demand for eco-friendly jobs is expected to increase by 15-20% annually over the next ten years. According to a study conducted by NLB, eco-friendly jobs in India are projected to increase by 15 to 20 percent. This growth is fueled by India's commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2070. Over the last 20 years, there has been a lot of focus on eco-friendly jobs, leading to a wide range of research papers being published. While this has helped expand our understanding, the variety of these studies brings up the question of whether we have systematically documented the important findings in this field.

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This change is not just a reaction to environmental needs but also offers great chances for creating jobs and boosting the economy. It is crucial for people who want meaningful and sustainable careers, as well as for policymakers and businesses aiming to benefit from new trends, to comprehend green jobs and their growing demand.

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Table of Contents:

What are green jobs?

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) defines eco-friendly jobs as positions in various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, administration, and services. These jobs are focused on preserving or restoring environmental quality. In simpler terms, eco-friendly jobs are those that aim to protect and promote the environment, while also minimizing their impact on the planet's health.

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What are the benefits of eco-friendly jobs?

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), this kind of work: 

1. Boosts optimal utilization of energy and raw materials.
2. Reduce the release of greenhouse gases.
3. Reduces waste and pollution.
4. preserves and rejuvenates natural habitats.
5. It helps in adjusting to changes in the climate.

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Why the surge in demand?

Many reasons are contributing to the growing need for environmentally friendly jobs.

Growing Environmental Awareness: 

Climate change and pollution are constantly in the news, leading to a growing realization of the importance of taking action. This increased awareness is pushing companies and governments to support eco-friendly solutions, resulting in a higher need for trained experts in this area.

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Government Policies: 

Governments worldwide are implementing regulations and incentives to promote sustainability. From carbon emissions targets to renewable energy subsidies, these policies are creating a favorable environment for green businesses and, consequently, green jobs.

Advancements in Technology: 

Clean energy technologies like solar panels and wind turbines are quickly changing how we make and use energy. With these technologies becoming more affordable and available, the need for experts in renewable energy is increasing.

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Shifting Consumer Preferences: 

More and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly products and services. This change in consumer habits is pushing businesses to implement sustainable practices in all aspects of their operations, creating a demand for professionals who can assist them in meeting these requirements.

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Booming sectors with green jobs

There are many different types of eco-friendly jobs available for people with various skills and interests. Here are a few popular green career options to think about:

1. Renewable Energy:

Jobs in renewable energy, such as creating solar power systems and setting up wind turbines, are in high demand. Workers in this industry are essential for moving towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

2. Agriculture:

In 2022, a report released by the Organic Farming Research Institute (Fi BL) revealed that there was a 15% growth in global sales of organic food and beverages. The revenue generated from these sales surpassed $100 billion in 2018 and experienced a significant surge, reaching $129 billion within a span of two years. The significant growth in 2020 was influenced by the pandemic and a rise in consumer interest in organic food. While North America and Europe dominate the sales, accounting for 90% of the market, other regions, particularly Asia, have experienced substantial growth. Countries like China, India, and South Korea have witnessed the increasing importance of organic food markets.

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3. Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Transportation:

The shift towards using more electric vehicles is creating more job opportunities in areas like making electric cars, setting up charging stations, developing better batteries, and enhancing public transportation.


Ecotourism, also known as ecological tourism, is becoming more popular in a society that is increasingly focused on the well-being of the planet. This industry provides employment opportunities in various areas, including designing exciting adventure experiences, developing hiking trails in high mountains, exploring protected areas, and revitalizing rural areas like ecovillages that are at risk of vanishing.

5. Waste Management and Recycling: 

Jobs in waste management and recycling include tasks such as sorting waste, operating recycling plants, composting, managing waste-to-energy technology, and providing sustainable waste management consulting.

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6. Green Building:

The demand for sustainable construction is growing, leading to a rise in jobs related to green building practices. These jobs include those of architects who specialize in green design, sustainable building consultants, LEED assessors, and green construction workers.

What factors contribute to the increase in green jobs in India?

The government has been investing in indigenous technologies and manufacturing skills to protect the environment. This has led to more professionals being hired for eco-friendly jobs in the country, according to a recent study. Furthermore, as companies take a proactive approach to recognizing their ESG priorities, their demand for attracting qualified professionals is also growing. They recognize the impact that these experts can make and are therefore inclined to provide competitive salary packages and appealing incentives and advantages.

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As the world faces urgent environmental issues, the need for eco-friendly jobs is rising rapidly. Choosing a career in the green economy allows you to contribute positively to the planet and puts you at the forefront of innovation and change. Whether you're a new graduate exploring career paths or an experienced professional considering a change, it's important to understand the growing demand for green jobs to navigate the changing landscape of sustainable employment.

What exactly is a green job?

A green job is a type of work that helps protect the environment, promote sustainability, or improve resource efficiency. These jobs exist in different industries, such as renewable energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture, and environmental advocacy.

Why are green jobs becoming increasingly important?

The rise of eco-friendly jobs is driven by increasing worries about climate change, pollution, and resource depletion. As societies globally aim to embrace more sustainable practices, there is a greater need for experts who can assist businesses, governments, and organizations in reaching their environmental objectives.

What skills are required for a career in the green economy?

Different green careers require different skills. However, some common skills needed for these careers include knowledge of environmental science and policy, technical expertise in areas like renewable energy or waste management, project management abilities, and strong communication and teamwork skills.

Are eco-friendly jobs only available in certain industries?

Eco-friendly jobs are not limited to renewable energy and environmental consulting. Sustainability practices are now being used in various industries like manufacturing, construction, finance, and hospitality.

How can I transition into a green career if I'm currently working in a different field?

Moving towards a green career might mean learning new skills or getting certifications in sustainability, connecting with experts in the industry, and getting hands-on experience through internships or volunteer work. Also, think about using skills like project management or data analysis from your current job that can be useful in green positions.

What are some examples of green jobs with high demand?

Eco-friendly jobs like solar panel installers, wind turbine technicians, energy auditors, environmental engineers, sustainability consultants, and sustainable agriculture specialists are in high demand. They play a crucial role in promoting environmental objectives and creating a more sustainable future.

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